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Sadly this afternoon we hear from the museum and friends that the show has been withdrawn. Meanwhile the last hour in the Twitterverse has raised a bit of a buzz about the statement by Brooklyn Museum Director Arnold L. It really looks like it is proving to be a blockbuster for the museum and business in the community. Brooklyn, New York—June 21, The Brooklyn Museum has canceled the spring presentation of Art in the Streetsthe first major United States museum exhibition of the history of graffiti and street art. It is with regret, therefore, that the cancellation became necessary due to the current financial climate.

Ironically, it also drew a crowd of curious admirers to the sidewalk.

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Even more incredibly, after the poster company covered it and left yesterday, witnesses say a bystander apparently began removing the advertising posters. Reached for comment, the artist told us the message of the piece is pretty self evident and he hung around after putting it up to listen to people stopping to take pictures. Brooklyn Street Art: What kind of reaction did the installation get on the street? Brooklyn Street Art: Did you think that people would actually pose in front of it for a group photo?

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Much better than the movie posters that were there when I started. I think that will be the beginning of the end. In select neighborhoods of Los Angeles, certain street artists keep it local.

Director Sights Financial Difficulties

Yes, Banksy is here. A smattering of his pranksterism is an absolute must for any show staking claim to the mantle of comprehensive survey and an excellent way to garner attention. Direct link to article on HuffPost Arts. But yeah, right now in this little part of LA there is a feeling of a camp that is headed maniacally toward total circus. Engaging and educational, visitors will have the opportunity to learn how certain tributaries lead to this river. No show on this worldwide phenomenon could ever hope to include everyone, and Curator Jeffrey Deitch, along with associate curators Roger Gastman and Aaron Rose have chosen touchstones and flashpoints that push their individual visions of how the story unfolded.

Or maybe just a hyphen. Check out this new mini-vid following the progress of Mr. Eine by a certain Spencer Keeton Cunningham. Apparently there is some kind of art show coming up on the west coast in April.

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The exhibition will feature projects by influential local artists such as Craig R. A comprehensive timeline illustrated with artwork, photography, video, and ephemera will provide further historical context for the exhibition. Have you ever found that perfect dinette set thrown away on the sidewalk, except that the veneer has been chipped off because the table was used as a vegetable cutting board, and two of the chairs are missing legs?

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Ever have a grandiose Aunt who sees the end coming and thinks that you would be the perfect recipient of her mid-century shlock loveseat or crusted poly lampshade? Ever explored a haunted house that is about to fall on you and crush you to death? A look at this Local Sluts Moca PR by artist Monica Canilao just makes you happy. She has some ideas about what you might be able to do with those things you involuntarily have to drag home from the street.

She and some friends made a cool chandelier that has an audio component when it is rotated. The world of Eddie Colla captures the consciousness of the individual and the relationship to the ever-growing environmental challenges to conformity. JR. The work is part of a 20 artwork project called The Wrinkles of The City that is currently being unveiled at locations around Los Angeles. The exhibition will trace the development of graffiti and street art from the s to the global movement it has become today, concentrating on key cities where a unique visual language or attitude has evolved.

Art in the Streets will feature several shows within the show. There will be a special section dedicated to the Fun Gallery, which connected New York graffiti artists with the downtown art community in the early s. The exhibition will open with a skate ramp deed by pro-skater Lance Mountain and artist Geoff McFetridge. Skate demonstrations by the Nike SB skate team will be held onsite for the duration of the exhibition.

Rose curated the exhibition Beautiful Local Sluts Moca PR and directed the related documentary film. The book traces the birth and dissemination of styles through the stories of graffiti writers and street artists all over the world. It also features interviews and discussions with influential street artists about wild style, cholo graffiti, and the art that emerged from skate and punk subcultures. Art in the Streets will include a graffiti and street art film festival presented in collaboration with the Cinefamily, and music and dance programs featuring some of the originators of hip-hop and break dancing.

Cash bar. One quick look into his adventurous past incarnation as the director and owner of Deitch Projects in New York shows a guy who has championed the work of artists outside the mainstream and given them a forum to speak. Hard to see the same guy who mounted a burned-out meth lab by Jonah Freeman and Justin Lowe, Black Acid Co-op being queasy about offensive content. Did you ever see the parade he sponsored through the streets of Lower Manhattan for a few years? The fact is there is a very public record stretching back many years that shows he routinely encouraged his artists to expand intellectually and explore new ideas regardless of how difficult or controversial they might have been.

Sometimes people just like to see successful people fall.

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If you were to listen to the wailing of the Censorship Battalion you would have thought that Mr. Deitch himself had run screaming, bucket in hand, through the streets splashing paint on the mural and all over his pink suit, ranting about the dollar-draped coffins BLU had arranged in formation across the massive wall.

But the timeline of how Deitch mismanaged the quickly exploding events after the buffing really points more to being obtuse than obstreperous. Looks like he made some rookie mistakes in his new position as the head of a major public institution of art. So it looks like this curator-artist relationship has some history. Censorship in this country, especially art censorship, is always a hot spicy topic — Why, did you hear about the Smithsonian?

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Less obvious is the ongoing sort of cleansing across our increasingly corporate mono-culture and this alien creature politics-as-sports media that exhausts the populace into confusion and conformity. That kind of censorship of the many gray areas simplifies everything to an Us vs Them mentality. That said, if Deitch was being sensitive to the Veteran Affairs neighbors and cognizant of the history of the Japanese community in the US, his timing was a bit late.


And if we are talking about sensitivity and communication, it looks like BLU got left out of the equation altogether. How can this be? We all censor ourselves every day. Maybe we can all find something else to speculate about.

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The young Hold Up Gallery in the Japantown section of Los Angeles currently has a sleek and smart-alec show that shouts for attention. Curator Toks Shoyoye has stomped his foot and the earth has quaked.

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Marxist Glue is a group show, actually a historical gathering, of 13 Los Angeles artists. This show covers an epoch and illustrates the motivations of a movement. Continue reading and see images of the show at Huffington Post Arts here….

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Jake Dobkin at the Gothamist just published a delicious interview with the paper-slicing queen on the street. What do you see as the essential themes that bring all of your work together? Um, just kidding.

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And the creation of moments of pause, human connection, empathy, surprise, wonder and ridiculousness. Bringing what you make to people in places where they are not expecting it. The belief that loving attention can and will be transformative. Democratized public spaces. The tying together of classical mediums and modern contexts. An obsession with looking deeply into the faces of other human beings. Also, never wait, and never let the bastards get you down. Are those themes?

They should be.

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Read the complete interview with Jake here:. This one alerts us to the arrival of Pigeon Season, which officially ends … when?. Os Gemeos. Os Gemeos Untitled. The new installation is on the wall that was ly installed by Italian artist Blu but was buffed soon after by the museum a few months ago — a subject still on the minds and lips of people here. Here are a collection of images on the museum grounds itself. Previews from the show tomorrow.

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They brought in a of other great artists to help work with them on it. It was begun after the museum washed off a fresh new Katsu fire extinguisher tag that appeared suddenly a few days earlier. Or is that BLU invasion?

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Os Gemeos With a Sharp Eye and Steady Hand and Dreamlike Imagination Monica Canilao; You Light Up My Life Have you ever found that perfect dinette set thrown away on the sidewalk, except that the veneer has been chipped off because the table was used as a vegetable cutting board, and two of the chairs are missing legs? It is a manifestation of a street art revolution that cannot be ignored.

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