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Software Images icon An illustration of two photographs. Images Donate icon An illustration of a heart shape Donate Ellipses icon An illustration of text ellipses. I One of the many beauties of Mother Nature — a single white flower.

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A jam packed elevator could only mean one thing - move in day at one of West Chester L'niversity's dorms. I A W'CU soccer player tries to steal the ball away from her opponent. Kindness is more important than perfection. Opening 3 ' Bajeerah Lowe, editor-in-chief of ihe juad, stands with Washington Times editor.

Fred Lane, in a horse drawn carriage in the Homecoming parade. You shouldn 't look back except to learn. I Two West Chester University female students bring their younger sisters along to enjoy the festivities of Sibling Weekend.

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Opening 5 You can keep going long after you think you cant. A WCU marching band member plays his trumpet during the half time show of a football game. M on the Road trip to the offices of the Baltimore Sun newspaper.

You should fill your life with experiences, not excuses. A majestic red and yellow tree in front of Lawrence Center. I flljnii 9 Those who reach their goals too easily have aimed too low. Just look Jar the water tower. Opening i 1 ' Jej] Lman.

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Krapfs buses serve as the main source of transportation between Xorth and South campus. You can 't be a hero without taking chances. Opening 1 3 A good reputation is a person 's greatest asset. You must fight for the things you believe in. As freshmen, they Iter campus ready to learn. By the time they are ;niors, they have spent many hours in the class- om gaining knowledge that will take them into le next millenium. Brown The roots of education are bitter, but the fruit is sweet.

It accomplished this by Viy celebrating the diversity of knowledge, interests and ideas that exist on campus. The day began at am with a welcome by Drs. Karen Schmid and Lainey Jenks - co chairs of the festival. This was followed by common lime for the various departments to hold receptions.

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The morning and afternoon sessions were filled with a variety of events. Many speakers held seminars on issues such as creating web s, editing scholarly journals, religion, ethics, ideas in teaching and diversity. Many different people came together to be a part of the festival and celebrate our creative community. There was also a time for students and faculty to interact, both at the various seminars held throughout the day. This looks tike a good attendance rate to me. Unless these people just came out for the food, since they are standing in the lunch line. Winfield Fairchild.

Gil Wiswall present during their session in. The building was erected in in place of Dr. George Morris Philips's home. Green Gables. We can'l wait for the construction to be completed. Students mis- the whispering arches and trying to see the ghost thai haunts the building. And Philips will once again stand a- the gateway to the University. Many of the out-of-class activities take place in Sykes Student Union.

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Most of the student activities take place in this building along with any guest speakers, concerts, and expos. Most of the student organizations are located here. Sykes is like a second home for commuters and students who have long breaks between classes.

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The building also includes a gym. Anderson Hall was built in and named after Dr. Robert Anderson, both an alumnus and a teacher. This building is home to the Academic Computing Center. Since it does have the most classrooms on campus, Anderson is the building for the mathe- matics and computer science departments along with various other classes.

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Lawrence Center is the main dining area for students who live on campus and many visitors. Who can forget when the dining hall tries to spice things up with those theme nights at dinner? Law- rence is the place to go for almost all vour needs.

These artistically inclined students have some great opportunities to show what they can do. Mitchell offers them an art gallery, studios, and plenty of class- rooms. These students can get real- ly creative and also learn a lot from some of the guest artists that dis- play their work in the building. This building is so huge that you could almost get lost in it. Because of the size of the building it houses so much information! There are thousands of books, microfilms and fiche, Internet con- nections, and reference areas.

But even with all this material found in one location, they don't have every- thing.

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However, they can almost always get it for you with their Inter-Library Loan Service. Old Main Hall housed faculty and students, a chapel, a museum, a laboratory, and lecture rooms. As time went on, a kitchen, dining room, and boiler room were added.

Then inMain Hall replaced Old Main and is the building we see today.

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Everyone should know this building because it houses one-third of all the school's classes. Even though Ruby Jones Hall was built inthe building didn't get its name until later. It was named after the first African- American faculty member who taught at the University from Students seem to really enjoy this building.

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Someone can always be found relaxing on the steps and socializing around the building. Students say it has a homey feeling.

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Built init served as the library until There are always people standing around and socializing in front of these steps. It almost seems as though the steps draw you in. For the music majors, it seems as though maybe their dorm, apartment, or house is really their second home. Swope not only houses the music program, but it is also the location for many wonderful recitals and performances. These recitals allow the music majors to show off what their hard work and dedication can do. When you are tired of studying and want to kick back and watch some action, the south campus sports fields are the places to go.

John A. Farrell stadium, tennis courts, and other sports fields sur- round the complex. The building was erected in 1 as a dormitory and is one of the oldest buildings on campus.

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It has eight teacher education programs and nine master degree programs in seven areas of study. Recitation was also one of three buildings which was dressed in a green stone called ser- pentine, found in a local quarry. This stone was used on onlv the finer houses in the communitv.

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