to-impress SMS Messages

A beautiful line care is to

A beautiful line: ‘Care’ is to ‘express’ not to ‘impress’ people coz when care is ‘expressed’ truly, People get ‘Impressed’ Naturally!!

Everybody searches for a chance to impress

Everybody Searches For A Chance To Impress Other But They Don’t Understands …That Impressions Are Made By Very Casual Happening … =) G o.0

Way 2 impress a girl respect her

WAY 2 IMPRESS A GIRL: Respect her, Honour her, Luv her, Protect her, Care 4 her, Obey her, Sacrifice 4 her.. HOW TO IMPRESS

attitude i enjoy when people show

^ AttitudE^ I Enjoy when people show ATTITUDE to ME becz it shows that they need an ATTITUDE To impress ME . . .

Remember work for a cause not applause

Remember! Work For A Cause Not For Applause, Live Life To Express Not To Impress, Don’t Strive To Make Our Presence Noticed.. Just Make

A nice n impressive quote if someone

A nice n impressive Quote: ‘If someone is trying to impress u, One thing is sure that, That person is already impressed by U

Willam shakspear 1when someone tries to

‘Willam shakspear’ 1)When someone tries to impress u, It means he or she is already impressed by u…. 2) When u start caring about

To impress his date a young man

To Impress his Date a YOung Man tOok her tO Very Nice Italian Restaurant.. He Picked up Menu & Ordered Giuseppe SpOmdalucci.. . .