so-lucky SMS Messages

There are few who so lucky

There are few who are so lucky To have the things you do, Companionship and friendship, And loving feelings, too. As friends we wish

Think why u r so sweet

‘Think’ Why u r so sweet? Why u r so intelligent? Why u r so innocent? Why u r so lucky? Ab hum say

I m feeling so happy do u

I m feeling so happy, do u know why? cuz i m so lucky, do u know how? cuz God loves me.Do u know

Whenever i look at my palm palmi

Whenever I look at my palm Whenever I look at my palm,i wonder which of those tiny cute cris cross lines made me so

Apni ankhein band kar k mera chehra

Apni Ankhein Band kar k Mera ‘Chehra’ Tasawur karein,,, :::::: Kar Liya ! ??????? Ok, Good.., :::::: Mubarak ho ~*~ Ap ne b ‘EID’

The beautiful word is allah most song

The beautiful word is ALLAH, Most beautiful song is AZAN, Best exercise is NAMAZ, World perfect book is QURAN, And You are so lucky

The child was bornparents were blessedandi am

The child was born,parents were blessedandi am so lucky to have uas my friend.Happy Birthday to you