petals SMS Messages

Deeper than the oceans more plentiful its

Deeper Than The Oceans, More Plentiful Than Its Waters Higher Than The Mount, Stronger Than Its Wall Wider Than The Horizon, Brighter Than Its

A new year is unfolding like a

A new year is unfolding Like a blossom with petals curled Tightly concealing the beauty within. Wish you happy new year

With petals of roses rosespalm full holly

With petals of Roses, With petals of Roses,Palm full of Holly water,Light of Full Sun,Fragrance of Flower and Grass with dew.I wish u a

Red rose our love is that

Red Rose Our love is that of a red rose Whose splendor rises as the sun shows its face, Whose petals expand further and

Its another birthday for yougod picked petals

Its another birthday for you.God picked another petals on your flower,wishing your flowers may bloom for year. MANY MANY Happy returns of the day