no-meaning SMS Messages

A wise man was asked what is

A Wise Man was Asked: “What is Meaning of Life..?” He said: “Life itself has No Meaning..Life is An Opportunity to Create a Meaning..”

Once a wise man was asked

Once a wise man was asked: ‘ What is meaning of life?’ He replied: ‘ Life itself has no meaning. Life is an opportunity

Show ur lovecare where it gets respect

Show ur LOVE&CARE where it gets RESPECT! Otherwise ur heart will be WOUNDED when u came 2knw there is NO MEANING OF UR LOVE

Nabiyyunal amirun nahi fala ahadun abarra fi qawli

‘Nabiyyunal amirun-nahi fala ahadun’ ‘Abarra fi qawli la minhu wa la na’ami’. He is our Prophet, commanding the right and forbidding the wrong, and