Nevr SMS Messages

4 facts 2 live better 1st never

4 Facts 2 Live Better… 1st “Never Say Sorry 2 D 1 Who Likes U” 2nd “Nevr Say Bye 2 D 1 Who Needs

L l uskurao llvll or

“””/”””l l USKURAO l__l’v’l__l OR !”‘”!_!’””! ! _ ANSO !__! !__! Har Pal l””””/ l D ) L___ IL SE ———– /”””/ / /

I never loved u more coz

I Never Loved U More Coz I Nevr Loved U Less I Dnt Luv U Nw Coz I Wil Luv U Always I Dnt

My friendship means a little heart that

My Friendship means… A little Heart that nevr Hates, A cute Smile that nevr Fades, A smooth Touch that nevr Shakes & A Strong

Door knocks twice insider askswho s

Door knocks twice. Insider asks:who s ther? Ans:its me,…’opportunity’. Insider:u r wrong.coz opportunity nevr knocks twice. Remember it!! GOOD MORNING

They had a bicycle repair shop

They Had a bicycle repair shop & a ‘Dream’ to make sumthng that flies. People laughd at them… ‘WRIGHT BroS (makers of airplane) .

I miss ur face voice smile call

I Miss Ur Face I Miss Ur Voice I Miss Ur Smile I Miss Ur Call I Miss Ur Company But I Nevr Mis

1passing tym 2loves u 3wnt to slap

1¤Passing Tym 2¤Loves u 3¤wnt to slap u 4¤MISS u 5¤Wnt 2 Marry U 6¤Forgot U 7¤ Wnt 2 Away 4rm U 8¤Crazy About

Locks are never manufactured without a key

‘Locks are Never Manufactured without a key… Smilrly Almighty Allah Nevr gives Problms widout Solutions, Only We Need to have Faith to Unlock them…

Gd time bd dy wrk off

Gööd Time Bäd Time Däy Time Wörk Time Off Time Night Time Häppy Time Säd Time Sleep Time KISI BHI Time MERA SMS Aä

I studied but nevr toped today toprs

I studied but nevr toped, today toprs of best univrsties r my employes. (Bill Gates) Bus! Yehi statment mje t0p karne se r0kti rhi,

2 thngs r nevr defined in whole

*~2 thngs r Nevr Defined in whole Lyf, 1st iz ‘LOVE’ Bcz u Nevr Knw Who LOVES u How Much. 2nd are ‘Friends’ Bcz