must SMS Messages

Question har insaan apne hr friend

Question ? Har insaan apne hr friend se kuch na kuch seekhta hai aap ne mujh se kya seekha hai ? Reply must! Be

Ek number select karo pata chaly k

Ek number select karo pata chaly k aap kis cheez main ziyada Dilchaspi rakhte ho. 2 4 6 8 10 12 14 16 18

Give me marksnakhre 10 aawaz 10chalaki khobsorti 10aadat

Give me MARKS:Nakhre- (/10) Aawaz- (/10)Chalaki- (/10) khobsorti-(/10)Aadat- (/10)Smile- (_/10)dosti- (/10) Style- ( /10)Trust- (/10)Rep [email protected]

Ch0ose any number zara pata to chale

Ch0ose Any Number; Zara Pata To ChaLe Aap ki Zindagi Mein kis Cheez ki kami Hai, 67, 87, 27, 37, 47, 97, 57, 77

Select a bird for me and then

Select a Bird for Me and then I tell You What You Feel About Me! Sparrow Crow Eagle1 Parrot Pigeon Penguin Falcon Reply Must

Love is like playing the piano first

Love is like playing the piano. First you must learn to play by the rules, then you must forget the rules and lay from

Eemandari se hamen marks deejie ga

Eemandari se hamen marks deejie ga. Saadgi,( )% Ziddi , ( )% shararti , ( )% cute , ( ) % zaheen,( )% badtamiz(

A true friend is hard to find

A true friend is hard to find, Someone who is always kind. Words of advice; freely share, Helping hand, always spare. A true friend

Only for unmarried jis se ap

Only For Unmarried. Jis Se Ap Pyar Krte Ho Us Se Shadi K Kitne % Chance Hain. Koi Ek Select Karen. A, B, S,

Suppose its my birthday and you are

Suppose Its My Birthday And You Are Invited By Me But You Just Have 1o Rs To Buy A Gift For Me. What Will

When he did frown o had she

When he did frown, O had she then gave over, Such nectar from his lips she had not sucked. Foul words and frowns must

Agar dm hai to inka jawab do

Agar dm hai to inka jawab do ap ne bhi bht sawal dekhe honge try it. 1. Adam A’A ne zameen par pehla phal

Select any lucky box ap

Select any lucky box . . . Ap 2011 k last main kiya pao ge…..?? Box. P Box. K Box. A Box. F Box.

A happy husband comes home from friday

A Happy Husband Comes Home from Friday Prayers.. He Greets His Wife & Lifts Her Up He then Carries Her Around the House With

Mujh me sab se zayda

Mujh me _____ sab se Zayda or sab se kam _____ ha 1.Gussa 2.Pyar 3.Attitute 4.Style 5.Khubsurti 6.Masumiyat 7.Ego 8.Flirt 9.Nakhre 10.sweetness Reply must:)

If we are to achieve a richer

If we are to achieve a richer culture, rich in contrasting values, we must recognize the whole gamut of human potentialities, and so weave

To love is to risk not being

To love is to risk not being loved in return. To hope is to risk pain. To try is to risk failure, but risk

Todays question agr apko jadu ka koi

Today’s question: Agr apko jadu ka koi 1 trick sikhny ka moka mila to ap konsa trick sikhein gy’ reply must

Apka couple kaisa hoga log dekh k

Apka couple kaisa hoga? Log dekh k kia kaha karain gay! 9+2 8+4 6+9 5+5 4+2 1+4 6+7 3+4 3+1 reply must

Jawab zror dena jb ksi ki

‘Jawab’ ‘zror’ ‘dena’ Jb ksi ki Sachi Mhbt Malom krni Ho To Kya krna chahye? Ans: _______________? Reply must I m waiting . .

Ur love is like a river peaceful

Ur love is like a river peaceful and deep, Ur soul is like a secret that I never could keep, When I look into

Jwab zror dena i know u r

Jwab zror dena. I know u r intelligent 1,larki car ma ja rhi thi Larky ny lift le li jab car sy larka utra

Valentineday ki khubsort raat ko agar ap

Valentineday ki khubsort raat ko agar ap k sath wo ho js sy ap pyar karty ho to ap us k 7 kia krna

Loving qustion jis sy pyar kiya

*Loving Qustion* Jis Sy Pyar Kiya Jaye Kiya Us Sy Shadi Krna Zarori Hy? Yes Or No With Reason…! Reply must

Which symbol you will select for your

Which symbol you will select, For your life patner… % = # $ ? / ! Answer will be sent after your reply…. Reply

Is ka jawab dain shadi k

Is Ka Jawab Dain Shadi K Waqt Sabse Mushkil Kaam Kya Hai 1- Larki Se Baat Krna 2- Sb Logo K Samne Room Me

Choose a day then i tell

choose a day then i tell u ka ap ma woo kn si adat hai jo ap ko kabi bi badalni ni chaiya SUNDAY

Todays interesting game srf 1 lafz

ToDay’s Interesting Game Srf 1 lafz mein jawab likhiye.. Q. Zindagi? A: Q. Parents? A: Q. Friends? A: Q. Nafrat? A: Q. Pyar? A:

Choose 1 number dekhty hen k aap

Choose 1 Number dekhty hen k aap dua main kia mangte ho ge. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 reply must

Todays game apka or mera relation kia

Today,s Game! apka or mera Relation kia hai? is me se ek no choose kro! 345, 663, 999, 881, 554, 445, 685, 468, 777,

Fill it 4 me1 meri ankhein apko

Fill it 4 me.1- Meri ankhein apko kaisi lagti hain?Ans.2- Mujh me sab say ache chez?Ans.3-Kiya me apke dosti ke kabil hun?Ans.4-Apke dil me

Select any number 4 ur lifepartner 1

Select any number 4 ur lifepartner….. (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) ….. 1-kanjus 2-best couple 3-everyday dating 4-non stop kissing 5-everyday honeymoon 6-deep lovers0

Choose a mobile company then i

‘choose a mobile company’., then i tell u ka ap ma asi kaya bat ha ka kio ap sa friendship torna ni chata nokia

Is ka answer kiya ho ga

Is ka answer kiya ho ga. Wo kon sa kam hai jo aadmi Maa Baap Behan Bhai se to karwa sakta hai mager apni

What is thy body but a swallowing

‘What is thy body but a swallowing grave, Seeming to bury that posterity Which by the rights of time thou needs must have, If

L i f e is not an

‘L i f e’ Is not an ‘i – P o d’ To listen your Favorite Songs.! It’s a ‘R a d i o’

All hard workers does not a winner

All hard workers does not a winner but every winner must be a hard worker.

Must read 1kisi islami maah ki

Must Read…. 1.Kisi Islami Maah ki mubarakbad sy Jannat wajib nahi 2.ALLAH k nam ya koi wazifa fwd karny sy KhushKhabri ya Aafat nahi

Fathers need not fathers be all

Fathers need not fathers be. All one needs to do is choose To love for life, and that embrace, Held long and hard, bestows

Fill 4 me koi achai burai

Fill 4 me. Koi Achai= Koi Burai= 1 Advice= 1 Request= 1 Wish= 1 Jhot= 1 Such= 1 Umeed= 1 baat jo pehle kbi

Zindagi k safar main gardishon ki dhuop

Zindagi K Safar Main Gardishon Ki Dhuop Main Jab Koi Saya Nahin Milta To Yad Ati Hai Maan – Piyaar Kehtey Hain Kisey Our

Tel me who i am in ur

Tel me Who I am, in ur opinion? Tweety.. (speak a lot) Tom.. (fight 2 mch) Jerry.. (naughty) Pooh.. (senstive) Donalduck.. (frank) Dextr.. (studious)

It is permissible to donate blood if

It is permissible to donate blood if qualified, trustworthy physicians determine the following: • It will save the recipient from certain harm. • It

Suppose i lose my normal senses for

Suppose… i lose my normal senses for five minutes & bagin 2 speak totally da truth,wht question will you ask me??’ reply must

Life is test islam best namaz must

Life is test. Islam is best. Namaz is must. Aakhirat is for rest. World is only dust. If QURAN is in chest, nothing need

Q1 agar mohabat bazar main bikti to

Q1: Agar MOHABAT Bazar Main Bikti To Aap Kitni Bar Kharidte? Ans: Q2: PHOOL Songny K Liye TorA Jata Hy Lekin DIL Kis Liye

In summers rain u must b

In Summer’s Rain U Must B Feeling 4 Going Out Dance Around Sing Songs Meet Wit Friends Jump Around Koi Baat Nahi. . .

Wo konsi sabzi hyjis ka pehla lafz

Wo konsi SABZI hyJis ka pehla lafz kaat do to ek QEMTI cheez ka nam,Or akhri kaat do to SWEET DISH,Or dono kaat do

Intersting game agar mein ap say

Intersting Game! Agar mein Ap say aisa gift maangun jo meray naam k 1st word say start hota ho to Ap kia dain gay…?

Meri nazar mein acha dost wohi h

Meri nazar mein acha dost wohi h jo zindagi ka chand lamhon mein zindagi bar ka sath da jay .if everybody like this he

Q es blank me esa

Q. ________________ Es blank me esa swal likh kr bhejain jo kbi apki himat nai hui mjhse p0chne ki? Reply me 1st n must.

Close your eyes concentrate mind pray

Close your eyes, Concentrate your mind & Pray to God about the things That you want most. GOD must fulfill your prayer… Have a

Carefully i weighed my options these three

Carefully I weighed my options… These three seemed to be the top ones. Clearly I must now adopt one; choose: Abort, Retry, Ignore? With

2 log mout k bister pr hain

2 Log Mout K Bister Pr Hain Apko Un Mese Ek Ko Hi Bachana HyEk Wo Hy Jise Ap Pyar Krte HoOr Ek Wo

Agr apki picture kisi ko dekhane k

Agr apki picture kisi ko dekhane k liye bheji jaye to dekhnay wala ka jawab kia hoga? Select a number then i tell you

I know how angry you are

I Know How Angry You Are … & What You Must Be Going Through So I Hope , You Know How Sorry I Am

Reply is must copy cat day tell me

Reply is must:” Copy-Cat day” Tell me one thing that u want, To copy from me in your lifestyle. Try sending it to others

Its challenge for you yeh aik beautiful

It’s Challenge for you.. Yeh aik Beautiful Words hai.. Is ko Tarteeb do.. ‘NAEAHUISHEFMS’ Is naam ko app din may kam say kam 5

Reply me mustdunya m kon c chiz

¤REPLY ME must¤Dunya m kon c chiz sub se ziada dard deti h?1=khwab2=love3=judai4=gareebi 5=bebasi6=dhoka7=jhoot8=zakham9=mout10=BewafaeReply is must

Dedicate me an ice cream according to

Dedicate me an ice cream According to my personality. chocolate: h0t looking Strawberry: Naughty n cute pista: Proud n bad nature mango: Honest n

Ap mujhe kitna yaad krte ho koi

Ap Mujhe,*, Kitna Yaad Krte Ho Koi 1 Number choose Kro to abhi Pta chal Jaye Ga,*, ,*25*, ,*35*, ,*45*, ,*55*, ,*65*, ,*75*, ,*85*,

Only 4 unmarried boys nd girls jis

Only 4 unmarried boys nd girls. Jis sy piyar krte ho us sy shadi k kitne % chance hain? Select alphabet A, B, S,

Select an alphabet then i will tell

Select An Alphabet Then I Will Tell U K App Kis Rishtey Ki Tarf Se Lucky Ho. F M A Z J K N

Choose 1 num then ill tl u

Choose 1 num then i’ll tl u in which u have intrest. 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, 90, 100. reply must

True or false tel me abt jst

TRUE or FALSE: Tel me abt me jst add ‘T’ or ‘F’ 1.batoni= 2.simple= 3.selfish= 4.a quiet prsn= 5.stylish= 6.I liv 4 othrz= 7.rude=

Select a biscit then i tell

/Select a biscit/ then i tell u ka ap ma woo kon si bat hai ka ap sa mil kar kio be ap ka

Imandari se mujhe marks dena sadgi

Imandari se mujhe marks dena. Sadgi ( )% Zidi ( )% Shararti ( )% Cute ( ) % Zaheen ( )% Badtamiz ( )%

Challenge of da day for you 1

Challenge of da day For you.. 1/ Sandooq 2/ Bandooq 3/ ??????? Teesri kisi bhi aise cheez ka naam batain jis ke last main

Challenge for u 2 rearrange d following

Challenge for u 2 Rearrange D Following Words: Karnemd (place) Laebaba (bird) Sondelo (food) Peoahygrg (subject) Rabe (animal) r u genius? Reply me must

Send this msg to your friends and

Send this Msg To Your Friends and Get Dangerous Replies… ‘AGAR AP KO MERA KOI NUKSAN KARNE KA MAUKA MILAY TO AP KYA KAROGE?’

Es sal k end ka sawal

‘ES SAL K END KA SAWAL’ ap k khyal me meri d0sti ne apko kya dia? Khushi? intezar? Wqt? Bhrosa? Hosla? Nfrat? Tension? Time

2010 k sawal 12010 ka khubsort

2010 k sawal. 1=2010 ka khubsort pal. Ans= 2=2010 ka sub se close person Ans= 3=Sal ka sub se phela gift. Ans= 4=Sal ka

Choose a day supose agar ap ko

Choose a day supose agar ap ko film ma hero ka role ka liya select ho jain to ap ki parsanality ka lihaz sa

Quaid e azam muhammad ali jinnah

Quaid E Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah Pakistan is proud of her youth, particularly the students, who are nation builders of tomorrow. They must fully

Sometimes we must be hurt in order

Sometimes we must be hurt in order to grow, Sometimes we must fail in order to know, Sometimes we must lose in order to

Do u know larkay left hand aur

Do u know larkay left hand aur larkiyain right hand mein gharri q bandhtain hain?? Its challng? Reply must?

Hum aap ko kab ache lagtey hain

Hum Aap Ko Kab Ache Lagtey Hain . . . send This Msg To Ur Friendz & Cosins & Get Funny Reply. . .

The work of art must seize upon

The work of art must seize upon you, wrap you up in itself and carry you away. It is the means by which the

Today iz remembrence day tel me 1

Today iz remembrence day. Tel me 1 special day of ur lyf & also tel about the persn who made ur day special ?

Choos one number zara pta to chaley

Choos one number zara pta to chaley ap apni zindagi mein kis cheez se tang a chuky hain? 17 27 37 47 57 67

Choose a num then i tell u

@Choose a [email protected] then i tell u ka agar ap par kio film bana tu os film ka name kaya hoga1 2 3 4

A test of ur general knowledge rewrite

A Test Of Ur General Knowledge Rewrite The Following In Correct Order. 1-Nepasnr (A Tool) 2-Meor (A City) 3-Eposgl (A Holy Book) 4-Diotrua (A

Celebrate face dayap k khayal se mera

Celebrate face day.Ap k khayal se mera face kesa lagta hai? ROMANTIC DECENT PROUD BORING SHY PRETTY JOLLY STYLISH SAD FLIRTY INNOCENT Reply must….

Todays game aapka or mera rishta

Today’s Game! Aapka Or Mera Rishta. Plz Select Any 1 Number. 445, 663, 999, 881, 554, 336, 000, 118. Reply is Must. 999: Khubsurat

If i was a non living

If I Was A Non Living Thing In Ur Life Wat Wud U Like Me To Be ? Rply Iz A Must N Ask

Its a gamechoose one number woh number

It’s a gameChoose one number, woh number jo ap choose karain ge us pe jo likha hoga woh ap ko karna paray ga12345678910Reply must

Meri personality k lihaz sy apke khayal

Meri Personality k lihaz sy Apke khayal me mjhy kia hona chahye ?? Reply h0nestly. Doctor Actor Engineer Dj H0st News caster Teacher Minister

All of us who are concerned for

All of us who are concerned for peace and triumph of reason and justice must be keenly aware how small an influence reason and

I must have been born under a

I must have been born under a lucky star, to find a friend as nice as you are. I will follow the rainbow to

F u want to get r love

f u want to get u r love so just wait and watch when he recognized that u love him realy much .u will

4 ways to bless ownself 1

‘4 WAYS TO BLESS OWNSELF’ 1: celebrate & enjoy evry gud moment, feelngs, exitmnts, by doing this ‘not only u create gud presnt bt

Gd mrning just 4 u must

‘GööD MörninG’ ”’JUST 4 U’ ”MUST 4 U’ ”FIRST 4 U’ ‘Nothing 2 Wish’ ‘Nothing 2 Say’ ‘Always b HAPPY’ ‘Its my Pray’ ‘Hav

Everything has a time and place over

Everything Has A Time And Place Over Time Things Must Change And Like A River Life Goes On I Used To Say Love Was

Aaj ka taaza sawal larki

Aaj ka Taaza Sawal? Larki / Larkay ko Engagement k Baad Phone par baat krni chahiye ya nahi? Han to Q? Nahi to Q

Qagar ap se wo insa qagar

qagar ap se wo insa Q.Agar Ap Se wo insan ‘ I LOVE U’Kahe jise se ap pyar nahi karte to kis tarha aap

Select 1 no then i will tell

Select 1 No Then I will Tell You K Aapka Mind Kis Qisam ka Hai. 020, 120, 244, 264, 557, 302, 309, 900, reply

Select a num then ill tell u

Select a num then i’ll tell u k ap ko kis mizaj ka jiwan sahti mile ga/mila hay.. 8×8 4k4 6G6 9P9 5s5 Reply

What you want to see in others

What you want to see in others, you must first see it inside you. What you must first expect it from yourself. Life is

A pakistani an american met on

A pakistani & an american met on a plane & had a bet that if pakistani fails to ans his ques he must give

To establish true self esteem we must concentrate

To establish true self-esteem we must concentrate on our successes and forget about the failures and the negatives in our lives.

On a shipcaptain blackmaild girl if u

ON a ship,captain blackmaild a girl ‘if u dnt sleep with me i’ll sink ship.’ later,she sms her husband,’u must b proud of me,i

likeness day mujh

*. . .LIKENESS DAY. . .* Mujh me wo kon c Chez hai jo Tumhe Behad Pasand hai…? *. . .Reply must. . .*

Exercise is not an option its a

Exercise is not an option. It’s a must for the overall physical and mental well-being, without which one can achieve very little, if ever.

Tell me mera ek jumla jo

Tell Me: Mera Ek Jumla Jo Aapko Aksar Yaad Aata Hai. Reply Is Must. Forward It To Your All Friends and Get Intresting Yaadain.

Scientific work must not be considered from

Scientific work must not be considered from the point of view of the direct usefulness of it. It must be done for itself, for

Choose a wordthen i tell u ka

/choose a word/Then i tell u ka ap ki woo kon se cheez ya kam hai jo dusra log copy karta hain 1) s

Painful question agar ap ko meri

(PainFul Question) Agar ap ko meri death news mile to Aap kitny din bad mera phone number apne mobil sy delete kar dain gay?

Khush gwaar mood may agr aapki

Khush gwaar mood may agr aapki Lover aapse kahe k aaj aap jo chaaho pa lo ! To aap kya demand kro ge? Reply

If your lover invites you on herhis

If Your Lover Invites You on Her/His Marriage. What would You Like to gift? Forward to All your Friends. And see Heart Touching Answers.

It must have been a rainy day

It must have been a rainy day when you were born, but it wasnt really rain, the sky was crying because it lost his

According 2 u 1 meray pass

According 2 u:. 1. Meray pass sub se acha keya hai____? ikhlaq, face, talking power. 2. Mere pass sub se bura keya hai____? Gussa,

Select one no jis se pata chale

Select One No: Jis se Pata Chale ga k Apki Ankhon Men kya Nazar ata hai. 11, 22, 33, 44, 55 66, 77, 88,

Ek botel slect kro then iwill tel

Ek botel slect kro then i’will tel u k ap ki shadi kis sal or kaise ho gi. 7up: Sprite: Dew: Pepsi: Merinda: Cocacola:

1 hospital me 3 marez hain teeno

1 Hospital me 3 marez hain Teeno ko blood ki sakht zarurat hai 1:Apka ‘DOST’ 2:Apka ‘PYAR’ or 3: Apka ‘BHAI’ Aap kis ko

2011 ka 1 esa swal jo apki

2011 ka 1 esa swal jo apki need hram kr de ga. Ap ne kbi ksi khusry ka jnaza para ho,dekha ho ya suna

Aik code slct kro jo sawal ayega

Aik code slct kro, jo sawal ayega uska foran sach sach jawab dena hoga, 290 565 922 428 317 999 125 309 Reply must

fill it do naam jo aap

* Fill it * Do Naam jo Aap ko boht pasand hain? 1-. 2-. Do Log jin k bagair Aap g nahi sakte? 1-.

Kk today ka swal pakistan ki

kk today ka swal pakistan ki os city ka name batao jis sa ak mosam or ak phana wali cheez ka name bana reply

Koi 1 no select kro 12 23

Koi 1 no Select Kro. 12, 23, 34, 45, 56, 65, Dekhte Hen Apka Pyar ap se kitna % Pyar krta hai? Reply must.

best attitude for living my

* Best Attitude For Living: ‘My Pain May Be The Reason For Somebody’s Laugh, But My Laugh Must Never Be The Reason For Somebody’s

All hard workers does not a winner

All hard workers does not a winner but every winner must be a hard worker.

Question zindagi main wo aesa koan

Question? ‘Zindagi’ main wo aesa koan saa mooqa ho gaa jab aap mujhey bohat yaad karro gay.???? Reply Must

I love u agar aap kisi

I Love U Agar Aap kisi ko kaho . To Aap ko jawab kya miley ga? . Select 1 number ! 15-? 25-? 35-?

Must think jab colgate daant se

‘Must think’ . . . . . Jab Colgate Daant Se Keera Nikaal Deta Hai, To aap Colgate Gaand Pr kyun Nahi Lagatey….? 🙂

The wise man must remember that while

The wise man must remember that while he is a descendant of the past, he is a parent of the future. Herbert Spencer

1 jan leva sawaal suppose ap

1 * *jan leva* *SawaaL* Suppose ap mere sath raat k 3 baje akele ghar me bina light k chatt ki sedhiyon par bethe

Sleep riches and health to be truly

Sleep, riches, and health to be truly enjoyed must be interrupted. – Johann Paul Friedrich Richter

Wo kon se 3 fruit hein jo

Wo kon se 3 fruit hein jo darjan k hisab se biktay hein? 1.Banana 2.Orange 3……? Wo kon se 3 parinday hen jin ka

Choose 1 number from the following then

Choose 1 number from the following then i will tell u ur habit. 3132333435363738393 Reply is must.

Must read it its realy nice

Must Read it. . Its realy nice. . . Bhot din tak na Phir simta karen Gen.. . Tumhen y0n toot kar Chaaha karen

Neend aur tum kahan rehty ho

Neend aur tum kahan rehty ho? // Dono Kyun raat bhar nahi atay? / Gud Nite ” 73473,”‘I love you’ mein jitne B words

Describe me in 2 colours white

”Describe me in 2 Colours!” White: straight forward Red: short temper Blue: different Black: Mysterious Pink: Pretty Green: innocent Brown: Cool Orange: Romantic Marron:

Sms bookhobydate f birthu cant liv widout

¤Sms Book¤ Hoby=Date f Birth=U Cant Liv WidOut= Color=Best Frnd=Food=Crazy Abt=Ur aim=U Lov=Word Abt Me=Song4 Me:My Name In ur fone:Reply must.