make-friends SMS Messages

Ice is a cream luv dream but

Ice is a Cream, Luv is a Dream but our relationship is Evergreen. Don’t make friends before Understanding & don’t break friendship after Misundrstanding.

Answers leaf make friends for

Answers : Leaf: Make Friends For Ur Benefit Branch:U Hv 2 Affairs Stem: U R Brave And Riscky Root: U Care For Others Flower:

7 is a great number u

7 Is A Great Number : U Know Y? 7 Rounds Around The Kaaba, 7 Manzils In Quran, 7 Hoors In Jannat, 7 Colours

To be a freshman is to in

To be a freshman is to be in possession of a wonderful thing: time. There is time to figure out what you want to

Great scholar says dont make friends before

Great Scholar says! ‘Don’t make friends before understanding& Don’t break friendship after mis understanding.

The recipe of friendship 1 cup sharing

The recipe of friendship: 1 cup of sharing, 2 cups of caring, 3 cups of forgiveness & hugs. Mix all of these if u