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Dad wishing you a box of happiness

Dad, wishing you a box of happiness For today, tomorrow and always With all my love!

Teri hasti se zaat khushbu aaye tou

Teri Hasti Se Teri Zaat Se Khushbu Aaye, Tou Jo Bolay To Teri Bat Se Khushbu Aaye, TujhKo Dekhon To Meri Aankh Mehak Si

Select a bird for me and then

Select A Bird For Me And Then I Tell You What You Feel About Me! Sparrow Crow Eagle1 Parrot Pigeon Penguin Falcon Reply Must

Someone asked me for how

Someone Asked Me….. ‘ For How Long Will U Both Be Friends,?’ I Remained Silent, Because I Didn’t Know Which One Is Longer. .

sweet morning for you

*. sweet .**. Morning .**. For You .* *. .*. .*. .* Hamesha MUSKURATY Raho! In Sitaron ki Tarah* *. .*. .*. .* SALAM-e-SUBAH

This is a moon which learns from

This is a moon which learns from you, That is a sun which respects you, There are stars which shine for you, And here,

We make them cry who care 4


Sa umer pas chi mi janan waleedai

sa umer pas chi mi janan waleedai. pa wacha zmaka mi baran walidai. mata was khpal haal da zargi na waei. ma ye pa

The purpose of life after all is

The purpose of life, after all, is to live it, to taste experience to the utmost, to reach out eagerly and without fear for

He is a wise man who does

‘He is a wise man who does not grieve for the things which he has not, but rejoices for those which he has.’ (Epictetus)

This cat is a good way to

This cat is cat a cat good cat way cat to cat keep cat a cat idiot cat buzy cat for cat 20 cat

Do for allah allah will you

DO FOR ALLAH, ALLAH WILL DO FOR YOU Prayer is the key of the morning and the bolt of the evening

Father what can u do for my

Father: what can u do for my daughter boy: i would die for her! Father: i dont like u boy: why? Father: i am

Its the same weather the rains laughter

It’s the same weather. The rain’s laughter rings in the trees, echoes. Their green branches wear golden flowers and smile thinking of someone. The

M for the million things she

M – For the MILLION things she gave me, O – For she’s growing OLD, T – For the TEARS she shed to save

No one in this world is pure

‘No one in this world is pure and perfect., If u avoid the persons for their mistakes, then you will always be alone in

Dress code for feb 14 green leave me

Dress code for Feb-14: Green-Leave me Alone Orange-Going 2 Propose Pink-Accepted Proposal Black-Rejected Proposal White-Already Booked

Say that the sense of feeling were

‘Say that the sense of feeling were bereft me, And that I could not see, nor hear, nor touch, And nothing but the very

1 write an application to the principal

1) write an application to the principal requesting him to grant me leave for two days to attend marriage ceremoney?

A special smile a facea sum1 i

A special smile, a special face,a special sum1 i can’t replace , a special hi from me to u for the special frndship i

Thank you dad for being my

Thank You Dad For being my pillar of strength and Fountain of wisdom Thank You for everything you are. Life is more beautiful when

These lovely caves these round enchanting pits

These lovely caves, these round enchanting pits, Opened their mouths to swallow Venus’ liking. Being mad before, how doth she now for wits? Struck

Dr k sheldrake of that gallant band

Dr. K. Sheldrake: “Of that gallant band, male and female knew that the enemy forces around were implacable, and were not only ready to

When time comes for u to give

When time comes for u to give ur heart to someone, make sure u select someone who will never break ur heart, cuz broken

Smart quote i m only responsible

Smart Quote ‘I m only responsible for what I say.. Not for what u understand’..!

All i need is you want hope

All I need is you All I want is you Hope I could have You even if its only for a day be mine

Ship is always safe at the shore

Ship is always Safe at the Shore But it s not built for it! So, don`t Limit Urself and always Take Risks! Because Success

Remember work for a cause not applause

Remember! Work For A Cause Not For Applause, Live Life To Express Not To Impress, Don’t Strive To Make Our Presence Noticed.. Just Make

When you feel are alone in the

When you feel you are alone in the crowd, When you think No.1 can understand you, When your love is rejected by others, &

God ffers us utstanding devotion to

G)od (Ø)ffers us (Ø)utstanding (D)evotion to (M)ake us (Ø)bedient & (R)eady for (Ñ)ew day to (I)nitiate (Ñ)ew aim for the (G)lory of life. Means=

The good deed you do today for

The good deed you do today For a brother or sister in need Will come back to you some day For humanity’s a circle

Dont wait for second opportunity because its

Don’t wait for second opportunity because its may harder than the first one.

Islam stands for i shall love

ISLAM” stands for: I Shall Love Always Muhammad (S.A.W)

Men who have pierced ears are better

Men who have pierced ears are better prepared for marriage. . . . . . . Because They’ve experienced pain and bought jewelry.

Ramazan mubarak no matter weather is of

Ramazan Mubarak! No matter weather is of autumn, SPRING for KHAIR! Collect and distribute more than enough. May Allah favours!

How rich art is if one can

How rich art is; if one can only remember what one has seen, one is never without food for thought or truly lonely, never

Dear kanjoos customer u have subscribed

Dear Kanjoos Customer U have Subscribed Kanjoosi Packge. Successfully U can Enjoy saving of msgs. your Subscrption Kanjoosi is valid untill Allah give U

While i was walking stopped for a

While i was walking, i stopped for a while and thought of things i don’t have in my life, but i suddenly realized i

a baskit is full

,’*,”*,*”*’*, ”*”*,’*’,’*’,*’ ______/ a baskit is full of prayers Blesings & Flowrs for *”-Y-”* *”-O-”* *”-U-”* HAPPY 12

2 eyes to see ears hear hands

2 eyes to see, 2 ears to hear, 2 hands to hold, 2 legs to walk. but 1 heart? because the other was given

May this christmas end the present year

May this Christmas end the present year on a cheerful note and make way for a fresh and bright new year. Here?s wishing you

Last night a tear rolled out from

Last Night A Tear Rolled Out From My eye. I Asked It Why Did U Come Out? It Replied There Someone So Special In

My wishes for you great start jan

My wishes for you, Great start for Jan, Love for Feb, Peace for March, No worries for April, Fun for May, Joy for June

A good wife gives happiness and long life

A good wife gives happiness and long-life to her husband. Allow me, dear, for our anniversary to wish you to share this long life

Some say they love rain but when

Some say they love rain, but when it rains, they use an umbrella.. . Some say they love da sun …but when da sun

Good work needs no explanation and

Good work needs no explanation and there’s no explanation for bad work Have a Blessed Last Day of 2009

Main khoon baich ker roti khreed laya

Main khoon baich ker Roti khreed laya hn Ameer-e-shehar bta ye halaal hay k nhi (Silent msg for pk government)

When da mid nite bell rings tonite

When da mid nite bell rings tonite Let it signify new & better things fr u, let it signify a realisation of all things

Our parents are blessing of allah almighty

Our Parents are blessing of Allah almighty for us and the a person can identify the blessing only when deprived of his parents.

Broken hearts are never healed they haunt

Broken hearts are never healed. They haunt us for a lifetime even if we find someone else. Our past teaches us lessons that make

I feel sorry for someone who has

I feel sorry for someone who has to win at everything.

2012 easy load msg dear customer

2012 easy load Msg: Dear customer you have recharged: Rs.100 The deduction of RGST 25%, Zardari Tax 20%, Benazir Barsi Support Tax 10%, Gillani

If time doesnt wait for you

If Time Doesn’t Wait For You. Don’t Worry! Just Remove the Battery From the Clock and Enjoy life! ‘Aah! Great People Great Thoughts.’ 🙂

Once in your life you will find

Once in your life you will find someone who loves you truly. Never take her for granted never let her go because when you

If love have lent you twenty thousand

‘If love have lent you twenty thousand tongues, And every tongue more moving than your own, Bewitching like the wanton mermaid’s songs, Yet from

Pandit jawaharlal nehru imam hussains as sacrifice

Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru “Imam Hussain’s (A.S.) sacrifice is for all groups and communities, an example of the path of rightousness.”

As the day turns to night keep

As the day turns to night, keep your worries out of sight, close your eyes and go to sleep for all the good times

Just a note to say hello before

Just a note to say hello, Before I start my day; Couldn’t help but drop a line, To my friends here and away. As

Love i love you not only

Love I love you, Not only for what you are, But for what I am When I am with you. I love you, Not

Roses are waiting for hours need

Roses are waiting for hours, Need one touch of yours, My life is like a rose, Need one SMS dose, Flowers grow with love

Every problem in life carries a gift

Every Problem In Life Carries A Gift Inside It So Whenever You Loose Something Don’t Get Upset Because Something May Wait For You More

Christmas is a time when everybody wants

Christmas is a time when everybody wants his past forgotten and his present remembered. What I don’t like about office Christmas parties is looking

A sardar his wife filed an

A Sardar & his wife filed an application for divorce. Judge asked : How will you divide, you have 3 children? Sardar replied :

When u wait 4 sum1 for few

when u wait 4 sum1 for few minutes its NEED, for few hours its TRUST, for few weeks its FRIENDSHIP, but 2 wait when

It hurts when we risk our heart

It HuRtS wHeN wE rIsK oUr HEART & It EnDs uP bEiNg BROKEN bUt WhAt hUrTs MoRe iS wHeN wE STILL HoLd On WhEn

Our kindness may be the most persuasive

Our kindness may be the most persuasive argument for that which we believe. Gordon B. Hinckley

Be careful when a gal tells u

Be careful when a gal tells u that she loves u from the bottom of her heart. For this may mean that there is

May everything happy and bright be yours

May Everything Happy And Everything Bright Be Yours On Your Birthday From Morning Till Night. And Then Through The Year May The Same Thing

I believe we will have better government

I believe we will have better government when men and women discuss public issues together and make their decisions on the basis of their

I have three chairs in my house

I have three chairs in my house; one for solitude, two for friendship, three for company.

Allah says try to walk on

Allah Says:- “Try to Walk on My Way, I’ll Make all the Ways Easy for you. Try to Spend your Wealth in My Way,

When god gives us no for an

When God gives us ‘NO’ for an answer Keep in mind that there is a much greater ‘YES’ behind it. His ‘NO’ is not

I need u like a flower needs

I need u like a flower needs the rain I need u for u can wash away my oain I need u more each

Sardar saw a very high ufone tower

Sardar saw a very high Ufone tower & Red light glowing on the top. Seeing this he said” Pak is developing fast see there

Who stands for world health organization

WHO stands for World Health Organization.

Born out of concern for all beings

Born out of concern for all beings. Buddha

Enjoy your birthday so much that it

Enjoy your birthday so much that it becomes memorable for your lifetime and keep smiling. Happy birthday to you.

F a c t boys

F A C T !! Boys Hate Asking Parents For Money To Buy Girls Presents… …So They Come Up With Ideas Like Saving Their

Im not sad for being single

I’m not sad for being single,, rathr :-O I’m thinking of her who is single bcz of me:-p . . . Aaaawwwh.. ‘bechaarii’ 😉

A boy got caught in class throwing

A Boy Got Caught In Class Throwing Paper Airplanes. Teacher Gave Him Punishment To Write 5000 Times ‘I Will Not Throw Paper Airplanes In

Many hugs only luv never anger

Many hugs Only luv never anger Teaching me Helping me Every smile when I was sad Raising me to be strong It spells Mother.

Girls are like apples on trees

Girls—————————————– ——- —–are like apples——————- ——–on trees. The best ones————– ——are at the top of the tree.————– —-The boys dont want to reach————- —for

19 al fattah the one who opens for

19. Al-Fattah: The One who opens for His slaves the closed worldy and religious matters.

Aoa pakistan resolution day mubarak lets pray for

AoA! PAKISTAN RESOLUTION DAY—MUBARAK Let’s pray for our homeland, its security & peace,solidarity & prosperity. May Allah save it &its sovereignty 4ever.AMEEN

Assalamoalaikum ya ali as madad dear mominees

Assalam_o_alaikum Ya Ali a.s madad dear mominees join the H_U_S_S_A_I_N_I G_R_O_U_P sms service & get the Ahadis mubarak, Farman Ahl_bait a.s,alert news ,& Inshallahevery

A little kid asks his dad daddy

A little kid asks his Dad, “Daddy, how much does it cost to get married?” “No idea,” replied the Father, “I’m still paying for

Art thou obdurate flinty hard as steel

‘Art thou obdurate, flinty, hard as steel? Nay, more than flint, for stone at rain relenteth. Art thou a woman’s son, and canst not

Dont compare yourself with anyone in this

Don’t Compare Yourself With Anyone In This World If You Do You Are Insulting Yourself. Don’t Get Fear For Facing Failure In The First

Aoato all my friend cousins i

AOA,To All my Friend & Cousins, I have a good news for all of you, I am here to ammounce that my ‘MARRIAGE’ has

Dual heart attack msg by a girl

Dual heart attack msg by a girl to her boy frend 1st msg: lets break up now. . . . Its all over. .

To all my frnds if i

To all my frnds: ‘If i come to know that i wud die soon, i wud hide it from u till i die, because

All of my friends plzzzzzzzzzz do help

all of my friends plzzzzzzzzzz do help for flood affected people please because they are alone if u donte the money may be some

Happy new year lets forget past

Happy New Year Let’s forget past mistakes making amends for this year Sending you these greetings to bring you hope and cheer Happy New

Deeper than the oceans more plentiful its

Deeper Than The Oceans, More Plentiful Than Its Waters Higher Than The Mount, Stronger Than Its Wall Wider Than The Horizon, Brighter Than Its

The person whom u loved more than

The Person, Whom U Loved More Than Your Life ! Comes Into Your Life For Either Of The Two Reasons To Love You Forever

Mohabbaton ki saza be misaal di hai

Mohabbaton ki saza be misaal di hai usne, udas rehne ki adat si daal di hai usne Mene jab bhi apna banana chaha usko,

Sardar saw a very high airtel tower

Sardar saw a very high Airtel Tower & red light glowing on the top, seeing this he said “India is developing fast, see there

64 years ago a nation was looking

64 Years Ago’ A Nation was looking for a piece of land…. Now, A Piece of land is searching for a nation… ”Let us

In this time of no sugar

In this time of no sugar – – – – – – – – – My sweet sms for your Evening Tea,mix it in

Even if we have less talks

Even If We Have Less Talks . . . Less Hellos . . . Less Stories . . . Less Greetings . . .

Ohoooo my dear kis ny apko bewakoof

ohoooo!!! my dear kis ny apko bewakoof banaya haan???? lagta hai ap patar ka jawab hint say denah chatey hai there for you here.

A golden msg for youngsters brght

A Golden Msg For Youngsters. A Brght Future Can Give U Many Beautiful Girls … But A Beautiful Girl Cannot Give U A Bright

If u look for gud ll find

If U Look for Gud U ll find Gud If U look for Bad U ll find Bad In Life U always find What

Shakspear said a boy a girl

Shakspear said, “A Boy & a Girl can never b Friends forever.” Lincoln said, “Friendship is the starting step 4 wat we call Love.”

To this day i do not know

To this day I do not know The place to which our data goes. perhaps it goes to heaven, where the angels have it

Sardar1 y did u buy ur wife

sardar1: Y did u buy ur wife a huge diamond ring for her Birthday? I thought she wanted a car. Sardar2: She did, but

1wo kia hai jo har insan tu

1.Wo kia hai jo har insan tu dekhta hai lakin Allah nhi dekhta? 2. Kis muqadas maqam pe namaz ada nhi ho sakti? 3.

Hi dear i looking for male and

Hi dear i looking for male and female for good friendships Any one talk to me sms and phone call good timepass nice talk

If you built an army of 100

If you Built an Army of 100 Lions and Their Leader is a Dog, The Lions Will Die Like Dogs. But If you built

Dont ever give up if you still

Don’t ever give up if you still want to try, don’t ever wipe your tears if you still want to cry. Don’t ever settle

For i have sworn thee fair and

For I have sworn thee fair, and thought thee bright, who art as black as hell, as dark as night. William Shakespeare

Yaara tuhfa ki messegoona wakhla zama da

yaara tuhfa ki messegoona wakhla. zama da meeni salamoona wakhla. ta raa na lay,za dartlay nashama. da mulaqaat mi miscaloona wakhla. wayam salam ka

Salute to the sons of great mothers

Salute to the sons of great mothers, braves, ‘MEN AT THEIR BEST’ who sacrificed their lives for PAKISTAN. May their souls rest n peace!

4 all dear peopledis is a little

4 all dear people:Dis is a little note to all da dear frnds in my life,to let thm knw dat I really care abt

Valentines for lovers and friends all my

Valentine’s for lovers and for friends. All my love goes out to you this day! Love is something different from desire: Even, silent, peaceful

Kha da chi maath di sho pa

kha da chi maath di sho pa stargo ki azghi zargia, wali di gul sara da mini tamanna kawala. sta pa shakman zra ki

Touching lines once you feel

Touching Lines : .. Once you feel you are Avoided by Someone, Never Disturb Them again..! .. … … … B’coz .. The One

Joke wife i think our daughter is

*JOKE* Wife: ‘I think our daughter is in love with someone.’ Husband: ‘How do you know?’ Wife: ‘Because she is not asking for her

Night has ended for another day morning

Night has ended for another day, morning has come in a special way. May you smile like the sunny rays and leaves your worries

A very practical reality put into words

A very practical reality put into words by WILLIAM SHAKESPEAR. ‘There’s no market for your sorrows in this world, so never advertise them.

When u face choices just toss a

When U Face Choices… Just toss a coin.. not just because it settles the question, but while the coin is in d air, u

M is for the million things she

“M” is for the million things she gave me, “O” means only that she’s growing old, “T” is for the tears she shed to

Friends are the sunshine of life thanks

Friends are the sunshine of life’ Thanks for brightening my world with the warmth, Of your FRIENDSHIP.

At ur age of 1 he

At ur age of 1, he wud hav lost his sleep to take care of u. When u are 10, he wud have lost

line of a broken heart

[ Line Of A Broken Heart ] This Time I’m Giving Myself A Reason To Move On. B’coz Only Me And My God Knows

To submit your sms select category from

To SUBMIT YOUR SMS select category from the list of predefined categories, write desired title for SMS, write your SMS in the message box

Recitation of durood shareef is light for

Recitation of Durood Shareef is light for you on the bridge of Siraat. Whoever recites Durood upon me eighty times on Friday, eighty years

The best vitamin for making friends b1

“The best vitamin for making friends: B1”

Ghareeb woh jiska koi acha dost nahi

ghareeb woh jiska koi acha dost nahi ha i have need good friend for mobile sms chat

Today isfridaythe day of acceptance dua i

Today is’FRiDAY’the day of acceptance of Dua! I pray to ALLAH for you, good health,Long life,brilliant success, Barkat-e-Kaseer in your Jan-o-Mal,Izzat-o-Iqbal, Eeman,Sehat,Rizq,Elm and Umr

Brand new style of break up a

*Brand New Style Of Break-Up* ‘A Boyfrnd threw 6 crckt balls at his Grlfrnd, Girl yelled ‘wht was dat for? Boy said: = ‘Its

Confidence once all villagers decided to pray

CONFIDENCE: Once all villagers decided to pray 4 rain,On the day of prayer all people gathered & only one boy came with umbrella thats

Ten little gigabytes waiting on line one

Ten little gigabytes, waiting on line one caught a virus, then there were nine. Nine little gigabytes, holding just the date, someone jambed a