football SMS Messages

Pathanmujhe rat ko sapny mei kuttay football

PATHAN:Mujhe Rat Ko Sapny Mei Kuttay Football Kheltey Dikhai Dety Hain Dr:Ye Dawai Aj se Kha Lena PATHAN: Kal se Kha Loon? Dr: Q?

News 3 chimps escaped from the zoo

News: 3 Chimps escaped from the zoo… 1 was caught watching tv… another playing football and the third one was caught reading this txt

Anonymous said 1i want people to go

Anonymous said… 1.i want people to go for compromise. 2.beautiful with good effort. be a paki defender. 4.promote our education system. 5.working ver

American humare dogs bomb dhond lete hain

AMERICAN: Humare Dogs Bomb Dhond Lete Hain JAPANI: Humari Fish Football Khel Leti Hain PAKISTANI Yeh Tu Kuch Bhi Nahi Hy Hamare Tu Gadhay

Best football joke ever question what

BEST FOOTBALL JOKE EVER , Question-What Do You Do After Pakistan Wins The Football World Cup ? Answer. Switch Off The Playstation:-D:P

Sms shortcuts f2f face to face f2t free

Sms Shortcuts f2f face-to-face f2t free to talk f? friends? faq frequently asked question/s fc fingers crossed ficcl frankly, I couldn’t care less fitb

Sardar itny sary log football ko laat

Sardar: itny sary log football ko laat q maar rhe hain ? Admi: goal kerne k lye , Sardar: LoO jee! . . gol

Ronaldo meny agr football ko laat mari

Ronaldo: Meny agr football ko laat mari tow wo 3 months tak gol ghumti rhegi. Rajnikant: Yanna Raskalla! Tmko pata hai duniya abhi tak

1 pathan ne football match me lagatar

1 pathan ne football match me lagatar 6 goal kiye phir b pathan ko buhat maar pari . . . . . . q

football male hai ya female

* Football male hai ya female?? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? Arey jis k piche 11 larke chaddey pehen

Usa hmare dog football khelte hen

USA: Hmare Dog Football Khelte Hen JAPAN: Hmari Fish Dance Krti Hen CHINA: Hmare Hathi Cycle Chalate Hen PAKISTAN: HAMARE KUTTY telephone pe khitab

Pathan ye itne saare log football ko

Pathan: Ye itne saare log Football ko laat kyun mar rahe hain?? Admi: Goal karne k liye.. Pathan: Gol hi to hai, Or kitna

Very lovly line ronaldo says life

Very lovly line:- Ronaldo says: ‘Life is a football game_ & we are footballs never mind the kicks of people because without kicks we

14 august 2025 president of pakistan visited usa

14-August-2025 President of Pakistan visited USA 2 help them, Pakistan most peaceful land, Pakistan won football world cup 2025, India begged Pakistan to forgive

Pathanmujhe rat ko sapny mein kuttay football

Pathan:Mujhe rat ko sapny mein kuttay football khelty dikhai daty hen Dr:Ye dawaj aj se kha lena. Pathan:Kal se kha loon, Dr;Q? Pathan:Aj unka

Who won the football world cup in

Who won the Football World Cup in 2006? Italy

Which country hosted the football world cup

Which country hosted the Football World Cup in 2006? Germany

12 se 20 saal ki larki12 larki

12 se 20 saal ki larki12 se 20 saal ki larki FOOTBALL ki tarha hoti hy,1 k peche 22 log hote hein,21 se 30

Doctor do exercise daily for good health

Doctor: Do Exercise daily For Good health.. Pathan: Sir, I Play Football, Cricket, Tennis daily.. . . . DoctOr: hOw long dO yOu Play..?