February SMS Messages

26th february 2011 capricorn something will make

26th February, 2011: Capricorn, Something will make you feel dissatisfied and pessimistic but the Stars are benevolent and suggest rewards are on the way.

26th february 2011 aries youll be

26th February, 2011 : Aries, You’ll be very busy at work with all the duties given you do don’t show signs of boredom or

Uk ka 1 yahoodi jiska naam valentine

U.K. ka 1 Yahoodi jiska naam ‘Valentine’ tha, usny shadi sy pehly larka or larki k beech (ZINA) ko jayiz qarar dya tha. uski

February ki sard raton me phir koi

February ki sard raton me phir koi suhani yaad Aai. Kuch apna zamana yaad aaya kuch teri Kahani yaad Aai. Ikraar kiya tha us

February ki akhhri shaam mere dosto ke

February Ki akhhri Shaam Mere Dosto Ke Naam Ulfat Bhara Salam Mere Dosto Ke Naam Likha Hai Ye Kalam Mere Dosto Ke Naam Kuch

Mohabbt wo hy jo january ki dhoop


Eid melad nabi saw 21 february

Eid Melad Nabi (S.A.W.) ’21 February 2010 Eid Melad Nabi (S.A.W.) + ‘__//\__’ +* ‘ *Häppy //*’ + *’+/ €Id ’+’* +”” ”\//”””*’*’ +

21 february 2010 eid melad nabi

21 February 2010 Eid Melad Nabi (S.A.W.) + ‘__//\__’ +* ‘ *Häppy //*’ + *’+/ €Id ’+’* +”” ”\//”””*’*’ + Melad Nabi (S.A.W.) With

February ko valentines day hota hai

February ko Valentine’s Day hota Hai! Aur 14 November ko Children Day. Dono Dates mein 9 Mahinon ka Faraq Hai.. Is liye Jin ko

2012 is coming before 2011 ends let

2012 is coming Before 2011 ends, let me thanks all the good people like you, who made 2011 beautiful for me. I pray you

People born in january are bold

People born in January are: ‘Bold & Alert’ February are: ‘Lucky & Loyal’ March are: ‘Naughty & Genius’ April are: ‘Caring & Strong’ May

26th february 2011 taurus youll be able

26th February, 2011: Taurus, You’ll be able to finalize an important deal which concerns your salary, earnings and career progression. This morning, as you

2012 is coming before 2011 ends

2012 is Coming! Before 2011 Ends, Let Me Thank all the Good People like U, Who made ‘2011’ so much Beautiful 4 Me. I

Did you know this year 2010

Did You Know…! This Year 2010, Two Months February and March has the same days and Dates. 1st February Monday and 1st March Monday

Haya nahi he zamany ki aankh me

Haya nahi he zamany ki aankh me baqi, ‘KHUDA kary k jawani teri rahy ik missal ’14 february’ not as a VALANTINE DA Its

February is here ve in the

FEBRUARY is here £öve is in the AIR Valentines is near S0 ALL U £öve ßiRD$ !! i want u 2 cheer Have a

2011 is coming before 2010 ends let

2011 is coming Before 2010 ends, let me thanx all the good people like u, who made 2010 beautiful for me. I pray u

According to the valentine week myth february

According to the valentine week myth, February 9 is called the Chocolate Day. If you believe in the week-long Valentine’s celebration, Feb 9 is

Elaan e aam dosto te mitro markazi royat e pyar

”ELAAN-E-AAM” Dosto Te Mitro, Markazi Royat-e-Pyar Commetti Ne Elaan Kiya Hai K Valentines Day Ka Chand Nazar Aa Gaya Hai, Lehaza Kal 14 February,

14 february was just another day for

14 February Was just another day for me… Then U came along… Now I know this is one more… special day… When I can