a-red SMS Messages

Just like a red rose that fills

Just like a red rose that fills the world with beauty & fragrance… You have made my life so beautiful by being in it.

Red rose our love is that

Red Rose Our love is that of a red rose Whose splendor rises as the sun shows its face, Whose petals expand further and

Once more the ruby coloured portal opened which

Once more the ruby-coloured portal opened, Which to his speech did honey passage yield, Like a red morn that ever yet betokened Wrack to

Driving test what do you at

Driving test : What do you do at a red light? Girl : I usually Respond to texts, check my emails and see the

I wear my hijab bcz i want

I wear my hijab bcz i want people to judge me for WHO I AM ? If a room is full of cheap white

Thus he that overruled i overswayed leading

‘Thus he that overruled I overswayed, Leading him prisoner in a red-rose chain; Strong-tempered steel his stronger strength obeyed, Yet was he servile to