Trickey SMS Messages

I am made of 5 letters if

I am made of 5 letters, If U remove the first letter, It is part of our body. If U remove the second letter,

Agar rang ralian manate huway chapa par

Agar Rang Ralian Manate Huway Chapa Par Jaye to bhagte huway Gand pay goli khane se behter hai kay Police (Chillarz) kay sath muk

Tawe par pada popcorn kyun uchalta hai

Tawe par pada popcorn kyun uchalta hai? – – – – – Bolo boloo?? – – – – – Kuch to bolo? – –

Challenge dimagh ho to jawab do

Challenge dimagh ho to jawab do.. din se roshan ha. Rat se seyah ha khao to haram he. peo to hilal he, orat sari

Magical msg28131221199190send it to 6 people

Magical msg! 2813/1221/199190 Send it to 6 people. Then go 2 ur inbox &Press # it Will show Ur Date of Birth. (its not

After reading this sentence you will realize

After Reading This Sentence You Will Realize That The The Brain Doesnt Recognize A Second THE …Now You Read It To See If That’s

Im getting married next week there will

Im getting married next week there will b a small party n only few ppl wil b invited don’t bring any gift just bring

This is a smart test try 2

This is a smart test, try 2 solve it: R+CAT+SHOW-RAT+SUN-CHOSE+MOON+I-NOON+GOAL+T-GOAT-U+E Send answer if u r a genius. It’s only 1 word. Solve n reply!

A 992 i no279q biqut2 2m2

A 992 i no279q biquT2 2m2 pni992 .2iHT 97lil (take ur mobile infront of mirror to read this) plz dont [email protected]

Year 1963 aug

Year 1963 …… ……… ………. ……….. Aug 3rd, ….. ……. ………. …….. Evening, 07:48 — — —- —- … KUCH NAHI HUA THA. Chalo

tip lg secrets 2945 to access

* Tip * LG Secrets 2945#*# To access the test mode of the set *8375# Software Version 277634#*# Default Settings 2945*#01*# Secret Menu

Can u think k 2511 kaise

Can u think k 2+5=11 kaise aye? Socho-Socho Nahi maluum? Thoda aur dimag lagao Abhi bhi nahi? OK let me tell u k kaise

Question bahooo aik gear marad ke sath

Question: Bahooo aik gear marad ke sath sari raat ghar se bahar rahi, aur saas ne kuch nahi kaha, Kyon? Ans: Kyon ki saas

Shut up s surprises 4

SHUT UP – – – – – S = Surprises 4 U H = Happiness 4 U U = Unlimited Love 4 U T

Question how do you cut roads

Question: How do you cut roads? – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – Ans: By laughing…

What is the cube of 13

What is the cube of 13? – – – – – – It’s SUROOR – – – – – Wandering how? – – –

Kya ap 5vi pass se tez hain

Kya Ap 5vi Pass Se Tez Hain _2_|_6_|_4_ _1_|_5_|_7_ _3_|_8_|_9_ In Numbers ko is Tarha Arrange karen k Jis Taraf Se bi Add karen

Shadi se pehle boy atlast wo

‘SHADI SE PEHLE’ Boy: Atlast wo din agaya : ) Girl: tm mujhe chor to nai doge? Boy: no way esa sochna b mat

Lets play a game its very interesting

Let’s play a game… Its very interesting Ready? 3 2 1 . . . Start . . Kia start? Nalayak Koi kaam b kar