Special Day SMS Messages

Salaam pakistansalute 2 pak army happy defence day

Salaam Pakistan..! Salute 2 Pak-ARMY.. Happy Defence Day 2 ALL TRUE PAKISTANI’S..6th SEP mubarik ho. Always Proud On Pakistan’s Army.. N Proud 2 b

Diyar e ishq me apna muqaam peda

Diyar e ishq me apna muqaam peda kr Naiye subho, naiye sham peda kr Mraa tareeq ameeri nahi faqeeri he Khudi na bech gareebi

1 2 3 4 by any

””!””!””!””!””!”” 1 2 3 4 By any Measure You are SPECIAL! GOD Made U one Such PERSON! Don’t let Anything ever change you.

Hain parinday soo basoo le k har

Hain Parinday soo basoo, le k har ik gul ki boo, kar rahe thay guftagoo, ‘BAALAGHAL ULAA BE KAMAAL_E_HI’. Thi Munawar sab Fizaa, jahan

I have a special menu for you

I have a special menu for you: A glass of CARE, A Plate of LOVE, A Spoon of PEACE, A fork of TRUST, and

Some ppl grow more special wit time

‘Some Ppl grow more special wit time’ dey r d ppl lik u, who r a pleasure 2 knw, n who go on geting

Aajlove dayhaiye sms apne 7 special frndz

Aaj‘LOVE DAY’hai.Ye SmS apne (7) special frndz ko Send karo Mjhe b agr ap chaho to?Agr 3SmS apko wapis aayen to samjh lena kSome1

I made a list of special people


U may b out of my sight

U may b out of my sight but not out of my heart U may b out of my reach but not out of

3 easy ways 2die1have a cigaret dailyull

3 easy ways 2die.. 1.Have a cigaret dailyU’ll die 10yrs earlier 2.Drink dailyU’ll die 30yrs earlier 3.Love some1 truelyU’ll die daily.!!

Dilon ki emaaraton mein kahin bandagi nahiaurpathar

‘Dilon ki Emaaraton mein kahin Bandagi Nahi… AUR Pathar ki Masjidon mein KHUDA Dhoondtey hain Log’..! (Allama Iqbal) HAPPY IQBAL [email protected]

There is no special occasion today reason

There is no special occasion today, no reason to text, no news to share, and no problems to air. It’s just one of those

What makes you different special dont

What Makes you Different, Makes you Special. Don’t ever change to fit someone else’s needs……—

I live by faith not sight

I live by faith & Not by sight. So whether I see U or Not, i Know Ur still the same…. A special person

Yoon di hamen azaadi k dunya howi

Yoon di hamen Azaadi k dunya howi hairaan ..!! A Quaid e Azam tera ehsan hy ehsan …!!! ~~Happiest 135th Quaid’s birthday~~

Words however special could never even

Words however special… could never even start, to tell you all the love I have for you within my heart.

Happy nafsiati dayye msg usko bhejo jo

Happy Nafsiati Day! Ye Msg Usko Bhejo Jo Apki Nazar Ma ap Se b Bara.Nafsyati Ho! Maine To Bhej Dia Hai,Ab Mujhe Send Kr

A special smile a facea sum1 i

A special smile, a special face,a special sum1 i can’t replace , a special hi from me to u for the special frndship i

Last night a tear rolled out from

Last Night A Tear Rolled Out From My eye. I Asked It Why Did U Come Out? It Replied There Someone So Special In

Hm t mit ji gy rz wt

Hüm Tö Mit Jäièñ Gäy Äè ÄRZ-WÄTÄÑ Lèkiñ Tüm Kö….Ziñdä Rèhñä Häi Qäyämät ki Sèhär Höñäy Täk..HÄPPY DÉFÉÑCÉ DÄY .

In the days of peace sons bury

”In the days of peace sons bury their fathers, whereas during WAR times Proud fathers bury their sons”… Pak ARMED FORCES ZINDABAD,Happy Defence Day.

No matter how ugly you think are

No matter how uglY YoU ThinK YoU are, BuT ThE Special SomeonE WhO LoveS U Believes That U R The MosT Beautiful & IrrestiablE

I liked lots of people n missed

I liked lots of people n missed very few, but no one has been as special as u! I’d stand n wait in the

Deres no special reason for dis msg

Dere’s no Special reason for dis msg, I juz want 2 steal a single moment out of ur busy life and hope I can

Free freebreakfast freelunch freedinner freetea just

free free free free_breakfast free_lunch free_dinner free_tea just _visit for data darbar & enjoy unlimitted offer

1 tha raja1 thi rani2no mer gye

1 tha raja,1 thi rani,2no mer gye khutam kahani–......... ............. Neechey kya laash dhond rahe ho kaha na khutam khani .

Apko nahi maloom aj aj khoobsorat

Apko nahi maloom aj . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

If specialmeans lovingscaringdearifspecialmeans thoughtful tooifspecialmeans tendergentlekindthen special

If ‘special’means lovings,caring&dear,If’special’means thoughtful too&if’special’means tender,gentle&kind,then special surely means U !

Sea i will never forgive you even

‘Sea I Will Never Forgive You Even If Your Waves Touch My Feets Mils Times.’ . . A Painful Sentense By A Boy Who

Ansso muskhrat say zayada spcial hoty hain

ansso muskhrat say zayada spcial hoty hain pata hay q? q k muskhrhat to sub kely hoty hain magar ansso srif un kaliye hoty

Leaves dont just fall from the tree

LEAVES dont’ just FALL from the tree, CLOUDS don’t just FORM in the sky, ANGELS don’t just COME DOWN from heaven n I don’t

Tie this on ur hand i m

Tie THIS on Ur HanD, *==***$=**=$=***=*– I M The 1st FrienD oF Urz,Who GaVe U Frndship Band & SAYs-HAPPY FRnDSHIP DAY–17 MAY-

Meri zindagi par hai tery pyar ka

Meri Zindagi par Hai tery pyar ka Saya… Oye 5 Min Ruk.. Main Potty Kr K Aya Happy Bathroom Day! 🙂

Celebrate impresing daymeri kon c

.”Celebrate”. .”’IMPRESING ” .”DAY”’. ”Meri Kon c bat hai jo ap ko impress krti ha?’ ‘Interesting question.rply must..:[email protected]

Kis mai himat hai humari parwaz laaey

Kis mai himat hai humari parwaz mai laaey kammi! hum paroo sey nae hoslon sey ura krte hain Dedicatd to PAKISTAN ARMY PAKISTAN ZINDABAD

Frd k hth m h mt k

Äfrääd K Häthøñ Mèìñ Häì M죣ät Kì Täqdéèr…..!! Här Färd häì M죣ät K Müqäddär Kä Sìtärä……..!!! HäpPy Iqbä£ Däy:-)

If i couldgive u one thingin lifei

If I CouldGive U One ThingIn Life,I WouldGive YouThe AbilityTo See Yourself.. ThroughMyEyes..Only Then You’ll Realise How Special u r……..

May ur hart b happy ur days

may ur hart b happy &ur days b bryt. may ur roads b smooth &ur burdens lite. may u find dreams &touch a star

Every sms u send i keep inside

Every sms u send I keep inside my heart, every word u say touches upon my soul… we may not see each other but

Smiling is infectious you catch it like

Smiling is infectious, you catch it like the flu. when someone smiled at me today, I started smiling too. I passed around the corner,

Happy anti tobaco and smoking day31 may

Happy anti tobaco and anti smoking day.31 may 2009. Smoking is gud 4 health,,so..carry onThis public service message is brought to u by [email protected]

jumma tul vida

?,-¤*¤-._.-¤*¤-, ( JUMMA TUL ) ‘-.,_,VIDA,_,.-‘ ,-¤*¤-._.-¤*¤-, (* MUBARAK *) ‘+.,,,,.-‘-.,,,,,.+’ Ho. Allah pak jumma tul mubarak key sadqey hum sub key gunahoun ko

Famous new writer of pakistan usher said

famous NEw writer of pakistan USHER said a sentence 4 our nation ‘Jo qaum 2mint signal par khari nai ho skti to wo apne

Hamara libas 8 gaz kafan 25 ghar

Hamara libas 8 Gaz. Hamara Kafan 2.5 Gaz. Hamara Ghar 400 Gaz. Hamara Asal Ghar 2.5 Gaz. Hamary Iradey 200 saal k. Magr Hamari

Are you want to earn 450 per

Are you want to earn $450 per day?Great good news!A business meeting going to be held in Hamdard Conference Hall Lyton road Lahore on

Soney do agr wo so raha hy

Soney Do Agr Wo So Raha Hy GhuLami Ki Neend Me_ Ho Sakta Hy Wo Khuwab Aazadi K Dekh Raha Ho… [ALLAMA IQBAL] Happy

Our khaki tigers hunt at front of

Our Khaki TIGER’s hunt at front of Enemy..White LE0PARDs are in Blood frezing Mountains.Our EAGLES measurs the hight of Skys&Our SAILER’s know wherE ‘HaPpY

And if we dont come back tell

‘And if we don’t come back, tell them we have sacrificed our today for their tomorrow.’ Hail Pak Army. Happy Defence Day.

Jb tk na jalein deep shaheedon k

Jb tk na jalein deep shaheedon k laho se. . Kehtey hain k janat main chiraghan nahi hota. HAPPY DEFENCE DAYSpirit of September

Aj khobsurat logon ka din hayye sms

Aj khobsurat logon ka din hay.. Ye sms kisi 1 khobsurat insan ko forward karo, mujhe mat karna coz mujhe pehle hi 15 caror

Todays heart voice dayajj app ke dil

‘Today’s HEART VOICE DAY’ajj app ke Dil main mery ley jo bhi hai keh do , i don’t mind send frndz an cool replyz

Happy hair pulling day iss waqt ap

HAPPY HAIR PULLING DAY :)iss waqt ap k sath jo bhe betha hy us k baal khench k riwayat barqarar rakhein or msg agay

Aajwoazeemdinthajabaajse5hazarsaalpehleaikaisimedicineeejadhuithijiskiwajaseaajpuridunyakpathanzindahaihappy naswar day

AajWoAZEEMDinThaJabAajSe5HazarSaalPehleAikAisiMedicineEejadHuiThiJisKiWajaSeAajPuriDunyaKPathanZindaHaiHAPPY ‘NASWAR DAY’

Today is sharam o haya day send dis msg

Today is ‘Sharam-o-Haya’ day send dis msg 2 all ur BESHARM Frendz who never miss u, so dat they get sharm as soon as

Celebrate ghussa day woh meri kon

.’Celebrate’. .”Ghussa DaY”. ”woh Meri Kon si baat hai jo Aapko ghussa dilati hai?’ Send this $m$ 2 yur Frnds 2Get Intrstng ansrz.Mujhe reply

Life is touch go some people

Life is touch & go. Some people will be there only for sometime, some will go away, but ppl who find u special, will

When god opened the window of heaven

When God opened the window of the Heaven He asked me: What is your wish for today? “I said : please take special care

Any one can make u smile and

Any one can make u smile and anyone can make u cry, but it takes a special person to make you smile with tears

U may think that time makes people

U mAy tHiNk thAt TiMe MaKeS pEoPLe fOrgEt.. BuT tHe LoNgEr thE TimE pEoPLe SpEnD aPaRt, thE mOrE iT MakEs tHEm REMEMBER eAcH oThEr…

On this special day pray 2 allah

On this special day! Pray 2 Allah give U more & more success in every field of life & you receive bundle of happiness

Special jb ekek phool uda le gayi hawa

SPECIAL->Jb Ek_Ek phool uda le gayi hawa; Us din bahaar ko mere ghar ka pata chala Aur utha le chale hame jab 4 log;Us

A very special m8 of minein my

A very special m8 of my heart all da c u wiv a happy smile makes my life feel worthwhile.warm & carin