Golden Words SMS Messages

A man with outward courage dares to

A man with outward courage dares to die. A man with inward courage dares to live.

Emaan or haya 2 ese

EMAAN ‘ Or ‘ HAYA ‘ 2 ese PARINDAY Hain K Agr In Me Se 1 Urr Jae To Dusra KHUD Hi Urr Jata

Never accept the definition of life from

‘Never Accept The Definition Of LIFE From Others.’ ‘It Is Your Life, Define It By Yourself, The Way You Love, The Way You Hate,

Josh e jawani me hum laakhon gunah kar bethe

Josh-e-Jawani me hum laakhon gunah kar bethe Humko maloom na tha k laakhon nekiyan kamane ki umar bi jawani hai… Silent msg 4 all

A cute sentence my smile doesnt

A cute sentence My smile… doesnt always mean ‘i’m happy’… sometimes it means ‘i can manage’. .. And sometimes it just means ‘i am

sachi muhbt aik nayab shaye hai

*’* Sachi Muhbt Aik Nayab Shaye Hai Lekin Sachi DOSTI is S Bhi Nayab Hai. *’* Itminan Sb S Bra Sukh Hai Aur Be

Hadees s pak tum zyda se sajday kya karo

Hadees-S-Pak Tum Zyda Se Zyda Sajday Kya Karo Q K Jb B Tum Sajda Karo Gy Tumhara Ek Darja Buland Hoga Aor Tumhari 1ek

Best line written in front of a

Best line written in front of a Masjid in New York: ‘Always believe in ALLAH’ because there are some questions in grave that cannot

God always has something for you

God Always Has Something For You A Key For Every Problem A Light For Every Shadow A Relief For Every Sorrow N A Plan

Jo tumhe khushi main yad aae to


People will always throw stones in your

People will always throw stones in your path! It dpends on u! what do u make from it: A ‘Wall’ of difficulties. OR, A

Jo shakhs tum per 3 bar naraz

‘Jo shakhs tum per 3 bar naraz hojae is k bawajud tumharay baray me koi buri bat zaban se na nikalay to usay apna

God always gives his bst 2

God always gives His bst 2 those who leave da choice with him. A hug is a gr8 gift ….. 1 size fits all.

My attitudefrm life i dont


Shaikhpear said jab tak parinde zinda hote

Shaikhpear Said’ Jab Tak Parinde Zinda Hote hai , Keeray, Makoray Ko khate Rehte hai jab Parinde Marte hai to Keeray, Makoray unko khate

A friend cannot considered a until he

‘A friend cannot considered a friend until he is tested in three occasions: In time of need,behind your back, and after your death’ Ali

Ke mohammad se wafa to ne ham

ke mohammad se wafa to ne to ham tere hen ye jahan chez kya lohe kalam be tere hen

Jo appno se wafa nai karta aqalmando

jo appno se wafa nai karta aqalmando k nazdeek wo dosti k qabil nai

Zindagi 2 din ki hai 1 din

Zindagi 2 din ki hai 1 Din tumharay Haq main hai or 1 Din tumharay Khilaff…Jab tumharay haq main hoo to Ghoror na kro

Quote best friends are those

Quote, , , , best friends are those who care 4 each other without any expectations from each other

Khushi insan ko itna nhi sikhati jitna

‘Khushi Insan ko itna nhi sikhati Jitna Gham Sikhata hai’ ‘Nek Ban’nay ki Koshish Aise karo Jese Haseen Ban’nay ki Koshish kartay ho’

Be regular as clock fresh rose soft

Be regular as clock. Be fresh as rose. Be soft as flower. Be strong as rock. & & &Be NICE as Me…! I know

Feel the depth of this sentence

Feel the depth of this sentence.. ‘ALLAH’ does not like the hardness of ‘Tongue’ and ‘Heart’ that is why ‘ALLAH’ made them boneless’..

Zindagi ko zarorat ki tarha guzaro khuwahsh

Zindagi ko zarorat ki tarha guzaro khuwahsh ki tarha nhi Kyun k zarorat Faqeer ki b pori hoti he lekin khuwahsh Badshahon ki b

Dil say rotay hain mohabbat ki aag

Dil say Rotay Hain Mohabbat ki Aag main Hum,, :::.Imran.::: Fatah ho Jati Zindagi Agar itne Aanso Ibadat main baha detyay…

Attraction is the temporary love but

‘Attraction is the temporary love’ But ‘Love is the permanent attraction’ Just a game of words but makes lot of difference in life…!

Time might lead me somewhere away from

Time might lead me Somewhere away from you & Fate might wipe me from your memory But I’ll always be thankful to Allah that

Qemti mooti guftago aisi chez hy

‘Qemti Mooti/” Guftago Aisi Chez hy Jiski waja se Insan: Ya to Dil me Utar Jata hy. Ya Phir Dil se Utar Jata hy…!

For i have sworn thee fair and

For I have sworn thee fair, and thought thee bright, who art as black as hell, as dark as night. William Shakespeare

Kabi kisi ko nasihat na krobcz aqal

Kabi kisi ko nasihat na kro,bcz aqal mand ko is ki zarorat ni,n bewakof nisihat sune ga ni…

Logo se yaad na karne ka shikwa

Logo Se Yaad Na Karne Ka Shikwa Mat Karo… Kyon K Jo Insaan Apny Rab Ko Bhool Sakta Hai Wo Sub Ko Bhool Sakta

Matlabi dost koily jesa hota hy

‘Matlabi dost koily jesa hota hy, Jb koila garam hota hy To hath jala deta hai, Or jab koila thandha hota hy To hath

1000 ka note bohat bara lagta hai

1000 ka note bohat bara lagta hai jab masjid mai dia jai lekin restaurant mai bauhat chota lagta hai namaz parhnay mai waqt boht

Hum apna chehra to khoob sajjate henjis

Hum apna Chehra to khoob Sajjate hen,jis pe Logon ki NAZAR hoti he. Pr DIL ko Sajjane ki koshish nahi karte,jis pe ALLAH ki

3 azeem framan 1be parda aurat

‘3 AZEEM FRAMan’ 1:Be Parda Aurat Allah Ke Nazdik Koi Izat Nhi Rakhti. (HZRT ALI R.A) 2:Aurat ki Beprdgi Mard ki Behayai ka Sabot

Ghulab ki tarah muskarate rahana lakin bana

Ghulab ki tarah muskarate rahana, lakin Ghulab bana ki kabi kosish mat karna, ku ka khushbo Ghulab Ka muqadar ha, or murjahna Ghulab ki

Achay logon ki sohbat say bhalai hath

Achay logon ki sohbat say bhalai hath aati hey jaisey hawa jab khushbudar cheez k pas se guzary tu khushbudar ho jati hey (HZRAT.ALI

The tree does not withdraw its shade

The tree does not withdraw its shade from the woodcutter. So forgive the one who hurts you. They will realize your worth one day.

Real fact of life we are

Real Fact Of Life We Are Very Good Lawyers For Our Own Mistakes..! & Very Good Judges For Others Mistakes.!

If youre in a position to close

If you’re in a position to close yourself off from all the office insanity & workplace,do it!Wear headphones or find a quiet corner if

Two golden rules to move ahead in

TWO GOLDEN RULES TO MOVE AHEAD IN LIFE: Rule #1- “RoCk3rS” iS aLways Right. Rule #2 – If u Feel That He iS Wrong,

Straight roads never make gud drivers

Straight roads never make Gud drivers! Smoth C never makes Gud sailors! Clear sky never makes Gud pilots! Problem free life never makes a

A paper flying in air is due

‘A paper flying in air is due to its luck but a bird is flying due to its effort. So if luck is not

Golden tip hamesha unhi k kareeb

*Golden Tip* ‘Hamesha Unhi K Kareeb Mat Raha karo. ‘Jo Aapko Khush Rakhte Hain. ‘Kabhi Unke Bhi Kareeb Raha karo ‘Jo Aapke Bina Khush

Rishty or raasty zindgi k 2 pehlo

Rishty OR Raasty Zindgi k 2 pehlo hain: Kabhi Rishty nibhaty nibhaty Rasty kho jaty hen Or Kabhi kabhi Raston py chalty chalty rishty

Best when you talk are only

Best* When you talk you are only repeating what you already know, but if you listen, you may learn something new be a silent

Last day of the summit begins

Last day of the Summit begins! We’re letting the agencies ‘play’ with the October version of the site & getting their ideas for the

Jo tumhari nigahon sy zarorat ko na


Easy is to make mistakes difficult


Zindagi us k liye mat guzaro jis

”Zindagi Us K Liye Mat Guzaro, Jis K Liye Tum Zinda Ho, BaL’Key.. Zindagi Us K Liye Guzaro, Jo Tumhari Waja Se Zinda Hai.”

Dushmen kitna bhe acha dost bun jae


Prayer is da most powerful weapon against

Prayer is da most powerful weapon against downfall, Most effective medicine against sickness & da most valuable gift 4 someone dat v care.

U r a part 0f puzzle s0me0nes

U r a part 0f a puzzle 0f s0me0ne’s life U may never kn0w where y0u fit But always remember that S0me0ne’s life may

Beautiful w0rds apny allah se

~.~Beautiful W0rds~.~ ‘ Apny ALLah se Hamaisha Achha Guman rakh0 kiun k us ki zaat se jesa guman rakh0 gay us k0 wesa he

Soorat aur seerat main sab bara farq

Soorat aur seerat main sab bara farq ye hai k soorat dhoka deti hai jab k seerat pehchan karati hai.

Insan ki ghaltyaan usey woh sbbaq deti

‘Insan ki ghaltyaan usey woh sbbaq deti hain …. Jo usey kisi darsgaah se nahi mil sakta’ HAZRAT ALi (A.S)

Tanhai mai gunaah sey bacho kyun

Tanhai Mai Gunaah Sey Bacho Kyun Ke Iska Gawah Khud Allah Ta’alah Hota Hy Hazarat ALI (RADIA ALLAH ANH )

The things u love ull lose someday

The things u love u’ll lose someday. The things u fear u’ll face one day. So make d most out of every moment.As life

Behtreen insan amal se pehchana jata hai

Behtreen ”INSAN” Amal Se Pehchana Jata Hai.. Warna Achi Batein To Buray Log Bhi Karte Hein… Hazrat Ali (‘a.s’)

No one is mine may be im

No one is mine May be Im not fine, No one cares 4 me No one has tears 4 me, No one belives me

Sharing ur prblms with others doesnt mean

‘Sharing ur prblms with others, doesn’t mean that u r weak by any measure. It actually indicates ur high level of trust on them…’

3 beautiful quotes deepest

3 Beautiful Quotes : ‘ Deepest Feeling Is Always Felt In Silence ‘ ‘ There Is No True Love Without Jealousy ‘ … …

Apne dost ko nasehat akely main kro


Tum kisi ko chaho or woh tumain

Tum Kisi Ko Chaho Or Woh Tumain Thukra Day To Yah Us Ke Bad Nasibi Hai. Or Us K Bad tum us ko Zabardasti

Life is a f0otball game we

Life is a f0otball game, & we are f0otballs, never mind the kicks 0f pe0ple because with0ut kicks we may n0t t0uch the g0al

Khubsurat lafz allah mehbob naam muhammad

Khubsurat Lafz ‘ALLAH’ Mehbob Naam ‘MUHAMMAD’ Behtreen bulawa ‘AAZAN’ Behtar Ibadat ‘NAMAZ’ Duniya Ki Mukamal Kitaab ‘QURAN’ Tum Khush Naseeb Ho ‘MUSALMAN’ By..! ‘Zaheer

Life is hard but dont make

Life is hard , but dont make it harder , believe that every a dark night followed by a light morning 🙂

Ghusa ana mard hi nishani zaror

Ghusa ana mard, hi nishani zaror, hi. LAKIN Gusay pr control, krna, NISHANI-e-MOMIN HI, Hazrat ALI(R.A)

Jitni duniya mazak udati hai utni takdeer

Jitni duniya mazak udati hai, utni takdeer jagmagati hai. Jab karam allah ka hota hai, takdeer pal mein badal jati hai.

Life is a combination of adjustments and

Life is a combination of adjustments and Compromises. . Adjust when Someone wants to be with you. & Compromise when you want to be

Har cheez ka sadqa hota he

‘Har Cheez Ka Sadqa Hota He, ‘Aqal Ka Sadqa Ye He K Kisi Jahil Ki Baat Sun Kar Bardaasht Kia Jaye.,

Jab allah tumhare passe kuch le leta

Jab ALLAH Tumhare PasSe Kuch Le Leta Hai , To Mat Socho K Wo Tumhe Saza De Raha Hai, Balke Wo Tumhe Is Se

jab koi dost apko apna raaz

‘ Jab koi dost apko apna raaz batai tu ye samjh lena k wo apko apni izat amanat deta hai esliye amanat me khayanat

You cant make the same mistake twice

You can’t make the same mistake twice. The second time you make it, it’s no longer a mistake, it’s a choice.

Truth of the life zindagi

Truth of the life : ‘Zindagi Ki Uljhane Shararaton ko kam kar deti hai, Aur Log samjhte hai k Hum samjhdar ho Gaye hain….!!

Naa kar bandeya meri meri naa

‘Naa Kar Bandeya Meri Meri, Naa Teri Naa Meri….. 4 Dinan Da Mela Duniya, Fair Mitti Di Dheri’ (Bullay Shah)

What is love jub maa matha

what is love ? jub maa matha choom k kehti hai ‘jity raho beta’. jub baap har us waqt intezar krta hai jub jub

You and me my world before me

You And Me My world before me is perfect There’s nowhere else I want to be, Except laying underneath the stars Hand in hand,

Truly islam is perfect clear like

Truly, Islam is perfect & clear like a mirror. If you find fault in it, then indeed, it is a mere reflection of you.

Admit it at some point

Admit it! . at some point in your life you have tried to close the fridge slowly to see when and how the light

Girls are like apples on trees

Girls—————————————– ——- —–are like apples——————- ——–on trees. The best ones————– ——are at the top of the tree.————– —-The boys dont want to reach————- —for

Matlabi larki se achi to meri apni

Matlabi Larki se Achi To Meri Apni Ciggrate Hai Jo Mere Honton Se Apni Zindagi Shuru Karti Hai Or Mere Kadmon Taley Apna Dum

Hazrat ali ra sab se bari

Hazrat ALI (R.A) Sab Se Bari Bahaduri ‘SABR’ hai. Sab Se Barri bala ‘NA UUMIDI’ hai. Sab Se Bari Tafrih ‘MASRUFIYAT’ hai. Sab Se

Main barho ki izzat is lye krta

‘Main barho ki izzat is lye krta hun k unki nekiyan mujse ziada hain oR choton se pyar is liye krta hun k un

Rishton ki rassi kamzor tab hoti hai

Rishto’n Ki Rassi Kamzor Tab Hoti Hai Jab.! Insaan Ghalat Fehmi Mein Paida Honay Waalay Sawalon Ka Jawaab Bhi Khud Hi Bana Leta Hai….!!

1 insan apni toheen maaf kar sakta

1. insan apni toheen maaf kar sakta hai, bhool nai sakta, 2. jisse mohobbat ki jaye usse moqabla nai kiya jata. 3.kabhi na girna

End is not the end infact

End is not the end. Infact E.N.D is ‘Effort Never Dies’ & If u get NO in answer. Then, remember! N.O. is ‘Next Oppretunity’

Past is experience present experiment future expectation

Past is experience, present is experiment, future is expectation. Use ur experience in ur experiments to get ur expectations.

If a boy gives love letter 2

If a boy gives a love letter 2 a gal, people call him “Loffer” But if a gal gives a letter 2 a boy,

Nice lines a successful person always give

Nice lines A ‘successful person’, always give ‘results’.. . . & . . an ‘Unsuccessful Person’, always give ‘reasons’.

W0rlds m0st beautiful sentence but i

W0rld’s m0st beautiful sentence. ‘but , i am with you’. World’s m0st painful sentence. ‘i am with you,but…’ words are same but rplacement matters.

Aasmaan par urty howy prindy sy aik

aasmaan par urty howy prindy sy aik bazurg ny pocha, kiya tumhy Zameen par girny ka dar nahi..? us ny muskura kar jawab diya,

Strong people also commit mistakes as weak

‘Strong people also commit mistakes as weak people. The only difference z strong people admit mistakes, But D weaker 1 looks 4 excuses…!

nothing i imposible even the word

… NotHing i$ ImPoS$ible Even the WoRD IMPOSSIBLE says that: I M POS$iBLE

Hazrat ali rta ne farmaya hai lambi

Hazrat Ali R.T.A. ne farmaya hai ?Lambi dosti ke liye do cheezen bahut zaroori hai 1. Apne dost se kabhi gussey main baat na

Aansoo muskan sy ziyada qeemti hoty hain


Expression of the face can be seen

Expression of the face can be seen by everyone but the depression of heart can only understood by the Best Friend. Do not lose

Khubsurat log hamesha achay nahi hotay

KHUBSURAT LOG Hamesha Achay nahi hotay , ,, *** LEKIN *** ACHAY LOG Hamesha Khubsurat hotay hein!

Touching lines once you feel

Touching Lines : .. Once you feel you are Avoided by Someone, Never Disturb Them again..! .. … … … B’coz .. The One

When u face choices just toss a

When U Face Choices… Just toss a coin.. not just because it settles the question, but while the coin is in d air, u

Acha insaan wo hay jo ksi ka

”Acha insaan wo haY jo ksi ka dia hwa dukh to bhula dey.. Par ksi ki di hoi mohabbat kabhi na bhulae…!!

Laughter is the best medicine but

Laughter is the best medicine. But if you’re laughing without a reason, you need medicine..:-):-)

Kisi ko haqeer mat samjho kyon ke


Art knows no limit and the artists

Art knows no limit, and the artists will never achieve perfection. Bente Borsum

Ager apki ankh khobsurat hai to apko

Ager Apki Ankh khobsurat hai tO Apko Dunia Achi lage Gi Lakin. Ager Apki ‘Zuban’ khobsurat Hai To AAP Dunia ko Achy lago gay..’

Two thoughts that decide your attitude first

Two thoughts that decide your attitude First, “What you think of yourself when you have nothing”. Second. “What you think of others when you

A broken trust can be best described

‘A Broken Trust can be best described as Melted Chocolate No Matter How Hard u Try To Freeze It But It Will Never Return

aqwal e zarrin 1 apne rub

‘ AQWAL E ZARRIN’ 1. Apne RUB k siwa kisi s umid na rakho. 2. Logon s unki aqal k mutabik bat kro. 3.

Mein apni zindgi mein kisi shaks

Mein Apni Zindgi mein kisi ß Shaks ko NazarAndaz Nahi karta Qk Jo Acha Shakhs Hoga wo Mujhy Khushi Dega oR Jo Bura Shakhs

Success is ever permaet failure fial

‘SUCCESS is ñever PERMAÑEÑT’ ‘FAILURE is ñever FIÑAL” Sø Ã¥lwÃ¥ys dø ñøt støp efført uñtil ur ‘VICTØRY’ mÃ¥kes Ã¥’HISTØRY’ (¯`v´¯) `*.¸.*´ Lover ¸.•´¸.•*¨) ¸.•*¨)

A line by depressed heart i

A Line By A Depressed Heart: I Don’t Know Why Life Teaches Me So Many Lessons, When I Am Not Interested In Learning….! !

Wajood sheshay ka ho to pathron se

Wajood sheshay ka ho to Pathron se mohabbat ni karty, Imran Ehsas-e-Chahat na milay to wajood bikhar jaya karty hain.

Logon se milty wqt itna mat jhuko

Logon se milty wqt itna mat jhuko k uthtay waqt sahara lena pary *Zuban ki hifazat dolat se ziada mushkil hy, *ksi k mu

Jis din tmhara wafadaar dost tum ko

JiS din tmhara wafadaar dost tum ko chor k chala jae Samaj lo wo din tumharay liye aadhi qayamat k brabar hai. Hazrat Ali

You cant have everything where would

You can’t have everything – where would you put it? Adolf Hitler

Your love is unique and special when

Your love is unique and special, When you follow only your heart but not reasons, not rules, not what others saying, not even your

Sometimes we feel that all doors are

‘Sometimes we feel that, all doors are closed in our life, But, all the closed doors may not be locked, They may be waiting

Jannat ki sair kar raha tha k

‘JANNAT’ Ki Sair Kar Raha Tha K Raat Ho Gayi, ‘IQBAL’ Subha Ko Jab Aaknh Khuli Tu Sar ‘MAA’ Ki Aghosh Main Ta By..!

Ghurbat ki waja sy kisi ko faqeer

Ghurbat’ Ki Waja Sy Kisi Ko Faqeer Mat Samjo Q K Uska’RAB’ B Wohi Hy Jo ApKa hai Wo’Ye’Sub Usy’Ataa’ kar sakta HA OR

Sheikh saadi agr zindagi ko hamesha

Sheikh Saadi: ‘Agr Zindagi ko hamesha Khushiyun k Sath Guzarna Chahtay ho t0 Ghamzada Logoon k Gham Suna kro Kabi Dukhi Nai Raho Gay…!

There r millions of people in this

There r millions of people in this world Then why U born? The reason is, ALLAH is expecting something frm U wich is not

Jealousy is nothing more than a fear

Jealousy is nothing more than a fear of abandonment,Its so funny how the people who know the least about you, have the most to

Life is never about the people who

‘LIFE IS NEVER ABOUT THE PEOPLE WHO ACT TRUE IN FRONT OF YOU… it is always about the people who remain true behind you’

Qismat aur dil me etna saa farq

QISMAT aur DIL me etna saa farq haI ‘?’ K jo log DIL mai hote hain, Wo QISMAT mai nahi hoty, Aur jo QISMAT

May be god wants us to meet

May be God wants us to meet a few wrong pple b4 meeting da rite 1, so, dat wen we finally meet da rite

Mola ali as ne farmaya jis

Mola ALI a.s: ne farmaya. ‘Jis Se Had Se Ziyada Muhabbat Ho, Us Se Utni He Nafrat Bhi Ho Sakti Hy, Kiun K Khoubsorat

Duniya men wohi log sarbuland rehte

‘Duniya men wohi’ ‘log sarbuland’ ~Rehte hain jo~ ‘Takabur kay Taaj’ ‘ko door phenk’ ~~Dete hain~~

The plus symbol is made with a

The Plus Symbol is made with a Pair of Minus Symbols… All Negative things can be Shaped as Positive… So Just be Positive in

Insan mot sai bachnai ki koshish kar

insan mot sai bachnai ki koshish kar hai jehenum sai nahi hanlakai bachna jehenum sai chahiai mot sai nahi

May millions of lamps illuminate ur life

‘May millions of lamps illuminate Ur life with endless joy, love, prosperity, health, wealth & happiness.! 2day 2m0r0 & 4ever. ‘

Tanhai mein gunaah say bacho q k

‘Tanhai Mein Gunaah say Bacho, Q k Iska Gawaah Allah Ta’alah khud Hai ‘ Hazrat Ali (R.A)

Wiping tears together sharing really stupid

Wiping tears together.. Sharing really stupid and small things.. Not caring about the distances.. Being naughty with each other.. Being honest with each other..

Zindagi k sach sach no1 maa

ZINDAGI K SACH (Sach No.1) MAA K Ilawa Koi WAFADAR Nahi.. (Sach No.2) IZZAT Sirf Paise Ki hai INSAN Ki Nahi.. (Sach No.3) GHAREEB